DRT 98 - 20170302

Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 8:00pm PDT weekly.

You can find the shout box show notes on D-STAR Round Table Board

Shoutbox History

VK4TUX: W6KD Bob, using an existing XRF or other reflector callsign anywhere else is rude behaviour, regardless of whether it is for a private dstar playground or not.


VK4TUX: If someone in New York use's W6KD, besides the FCC issue, You would not like it in the same way. reflector systems have the right to unique callsigns on their systems.


K6KD: Hi Adrian - If I may jump in - I think Bob was referring to a situation where a very small number of people wanted to use a private reflector without publishing the number or intruding in any way on the public.


W6KD: @adrian: Well, no, not "rude" at all. If there were, for example, a Bulgarian language XRF 999, and I stood up my own XRF 999 and didn't publish the host address publicly, I can use my XRF999 privately with no impact to those wishing to use the public XRF


W6KD: It doesn't affect me, as "my" XRF999 would displace a Bulgarian language reflector I would/could never use in my host file structure, and unless I told the fictitious Bulgarians what I did, they would never even be aware of it, much less impacted by it.


N6HKH: Where to find WinDV aka DV Node for Windows: d-star-roundtable.boards.net/thread/7/windv-temp-servers-links-dutch


N6HKH: The Round Table begins one hour earlier at 7:00pm PST tonight and from now on.


K6JM-Jim: More info about the MultiMode K6PUW repeater - www.k6puw.com/


AA0RX: Nice the Net is starting earlier. Now hey you guys participate


K6JM-Jim: There were reports in January about a Linux-wide flaw. See www.pcworld.com/article/3023870/security/linux-kernel-flaw-endangers-millions-of-pcs-servers-and-android-devices.html ... Often these reports are modern Urban Legends, of course.


K6KD: Active links in shoutbox need full URL starting with http:// Any links without this will not properly work in shoutbox, but they will be ok once copied in Shoutbox History


KK6MYS-Ming: This is an interesting router. store.pfsense.org/SG-1000.aspx SG-1000 runs pfSense open source firewall pfsense.org. The SG-1000 simple no wireless but an wireless access point can be added.


VK4TUX: @ W6KD " I can use my XRF999 privately" is not in the spirit of Amateur radio. A world user that wants to access your reflector plus the one in 'Bulgaria' does not have the choice of both in one host file


VK4TUX: If you say your 'XRF999' is not open to the world , then that speaks for itself. I would like to see one list for all that are open to the world, the world of 'Amateur radio' that can co-exist all entries without conflict, and there is an easy method.


W6KD: @vk4tux, we'll have to agree to disagree here, I do not and will not see it your way. Sorry.


k6fed: Up coming Dstar event www.dstarinfo.com/


W6KD: wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Raspberry_Pi_Broadcastify_Build


N6HKH: Stations with RPi/Dongle Broadcastify solutions specific to taking audio from the Dongle (vs scanner 3.5mm jack), please email WA6JFK@me.com.

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