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Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 8:00pm PDT weekly.

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w6oso: Here is the brochure from the ICOM website for the ID-4100 A/E. www.icom.co.jp/world/news/170217/ID-4100_pre.pdf looks like the 880 but the features of the IC51A Plus 2????


w6oso: This link from radioaficion.com/news/id-4100ae-debut/ has more of a description of the radios features. Enjoy..


wb5eku: Very interesting, Yes it certainly looks like the 880. At least they kept the DTMF mic! Interesting to see if they do the same with the 5100 and the 7100. They certainly pushing their "new" (read old) enhancements. Thanks Mike


ZL1HN: ZL1HND up on G3 >


K7REX-Dan: DV4mini does not support D-STAR CCS7 Callsign Routing: Please go to Current Discussions for the rest of the story....


K7REX-Dan: Hotspot (access point) opinion: I now own and use DVAP/RPi, DVMEGA/RPi, DV4mini AMBE and an openSPOT. For D-STAR use only I prefer the DVMEGA/RPi or DVAP/RPi running DStar Commander. Multimode hotspots, I prefer the DV4mini AMBE over openSPOT...


N6HKH: Be sure to read K6JM's reply to K7REX's post re CCS7, found in the Current Discussions folder above.


wa6jfk: Maybe some quick blurb on just what CCS7 is 


N6HKH: VK4TUX just gave a quick overview of CCS7.


K7REX-Dan: CCS7 SERVERS: I have posted the list of CCS7 servers in Current Discussions folder


K7REX-Dan: CCS Developers Manual for CCS7 Clients dstar.grupporadiofirenze.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/ccs_tech_manual.pdf


VK4TUX: True callsign routing uses independent port 40000 UDP traffic routed to database target given IP gatway 40000 udp path to repeater, it is not a link or linking protocol, which CCS7 (DCS based) is.


VK4TUX: shut 40000 UDP and CCS7 still works as long as 30051 - 30057 & 30060 - 30065 UDP are open


VK4TUX: vk4tux.duckdns.org/OD/DExtra_Hosts.txt


VK4TUX: vk4tux.duckdns.org/OD/DExtra_Hosts.txt


wy7frv: xrf307 is now xlx307.ddns.net


VK4TUX: ok


VK4TUX: example of log info ;


VK4TUX: E: 2017-02-23 12:40:58: Cannot find address for host xlx308.w6kd.com

E: 2017-02-23 12:41:00: Cannot find address for host ref703.iz0rin.it

M: 2017-02-23 12:41:05: Loaded 3667 of 3669 D-Plus reflectors from /home/odroid/DPlus_Hosts.txt

E: 2017-02-23 12:41:0


VK4TUX : vk4tux.duckdns.org/OD/DExtra_Hosts.txt << Unresolved cleaned out, please email or mention here any dead entries ?


VK4TUX: @ Steve XRF307 updated thanks, K6KD, Did you say there was a dead entry John, can you identify it or them please ?


K6KD: Adrian - XRF314, 315, 318 deactivated. New addresses for XRF003, 006, 008 - addresses on xrefl.net


VK4TUX: I must have misheard you John, i guess you were talking about the 'other' source


K6KD: Maybe you are referring to the forum that has the add/change thread: xrefl.boards.net

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