DRT 95 - 20170209

Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 8:00pm PDT weekly.

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Shoutbox History


wb5eku: www.k6puw.com Please check this site frequently as it is under construction and new information is being added.


wb5eku: For those who have not heard K6PUW is the FIRST mmdvm Wide-Area multi-mode repeater in Southern California, the first in the state and possibly the first in the West. It has been in operation solidly for 2 weeks. I put this repeater on Oat Mt.


wb5eku: In Los Angeles. It has a very large footprint and can be hit along the coast almost to San Diego. I had been working on this repeater for a number of months and didn not publicize it until I had it operational and on the air from the site.


wb5eku: I do not like to give "Lip Service" by trying to make a "Breaking" announcement of something that -MIGHT- be done. There is too much of the


wb5eku: "We're going to" type of announcements. I want to make sure that what I say is fact.


wb5eku: K6PUW is persistently linked to XRF002A. Home of the Original Thursday Night Round Table. The repeater is capable of operating Dstar, C4FM(fusion), P25 and DMR digital voice modes. It is an OPEN repeater, not restricted to members only!


wb5eku: K6PUW is on 447.200MHz -5MHz split -- Wide area coverage. The trustee is WB5EKU (me!).


wa6jfk: What would be the RF command to link K6PUW back to XRF002


wb5eku: XRF002CL


wb5eku: Sorry thats incorrect


KK6MYS-Ming: MMDVM and DVMEGA setup video on Youtube youtu.be/EtpGLys7i2o


wb5eku: XRF002AL


wa6jfk: Thanks for XRF002AL Don


wa6jfk: OH OH


wa6jfk: K6PUW Info Los Angeles, CA United States, California ircDDB 447.2000 +5.0000


wb5eku: Great coverage by the K6PUW repeater reported.


wa6jfk: Just got that info from D-STAR info, thats where the GPS equipped radios get their data and the DSTAR calculaltor


wa6jfk: They have it listed as a PLUS offset


wa6jfk: We need to get that fixed.


K6KD: Hot Spot Programmer xrefl.boards.net/thread/29/hot-spot-programmer-beta 1


wb5eku: OK will look into that and change it.


wb5eku: Fixed it. Thanks Brian. It is now -5 MHz offset


K6KD: Lists of open source reflectors xlx212.dstar.club/index.php?show=reflectors and xrefl.net

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