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Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 8:00pm PDT weekly.

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K7REX-Dan: 01-26-17 Follow-up: Someone (?) came on and said that openSPOT’s CROSSMODE function would allow D-STAR radios to talk to DMR and C4FM networks and vice versa. According to openSPOT this cannot happen. openSPOT can convert FEC formats between [MORE]


K7REX-Dan: 01-26-17 Follow-up continued: DMR & C4FM because they use the same voice codec; D-STAR uses a different voice codec so that is not possible. DMR and C4FM radios can work CROSSMODE, but D-STAR radios will only work with D-STAR using openSPOT.


K6JM-Jim: The DV4Home has two AMBE chips, allowing cross-mode for D-Star & DMR They use one to decode to analog, then feed the analog to the second AMBE chip for the outgoing mode. It currently supports D-Star, DMR, dPMR and NXDN. C4FM is planned. [MORE]


K6JM-Jim: The DV4home currently supports Bridge mode between DMR and D-Star, which can be helpful when done right, but could create reflector loops which likely would get the user's callsign locked out from reflector systems. Still, interesting capability.


K7REX-Dan: The DV4Home is a $449 D-STAR/DMR direct Internet transceiver that uses dual AMBE chips to support both modes and can support simultaneous D-STAR/DMR connections. It will also support RF multi-mode hotspot connections with DV4mini installed (not included).


K7REX-Dan: The UDRC-II Enables D-STAR on Many Repeaters nwdigitalradio.com/the-udrc-ii-enables-d-star-on-many-repeaters/


W6KD: N6JET--I had to block you on the XRF constellation due to some aberrant behavior observed from the device you're using to connect to XRF002/XLX212. No e-mail listed on QRZ for you. Plz contact me via email at w6kd a-t yahoo d0t com


KK6MYS-Ming: can't hear the net?


km4hrr: Greetings from Reston, VA. 1st time here. I can hear fine in NorVA


KK6MYS-Ming: I will reboot everything.


km4hrr: Kenwood TH-D74 > Raspberry Pi 3 B + DVMega Dual Band + Hardened Power DHAP running KB5RAD MMDVM image.


km4hrr: oops- KB5RAB


KK6MYS-Ming: All working now. Thanks


wb5eku: website for mmdvm multimode repeater is www.k6puw.com




wa6jfk: All ok in Glassell Park


KK6RGN : Johnny: Is 12A down


KK6MYS-Ming: Don I will try out the k6puw tomorrow. Hope I can hit it from where I'm.


N6HKH: johnny pls use your callsign.


K6JM-Jim: A link to info about the MMDVM multimode modem can be found at www.k6puw.com. This modem runs G4KLX MMDVM firmware on the Arduino. On the Pi 3 the host software is G4KLX MMDVM host. ircDDBGateway does the D-Star linking.


KK6RGN : Johnny: Sorry


km4hrr: Are there better/other photos of the MMDMV/RiPi set up. I only see 1 photo of the repeater rack ?


K6JM-Jim: www.k6puw.com is URL for the new multimode repeater


wb5eku: www.k6puw.com


wb5eku: Thanks Jim


K7REX-Dan: Thanks for the website url.... I needed to refresh my browser page to get it to appear, but there it is and other things that were not there before (smile)...


wb5eku: Dan, no problem. Actually I was going to mention that but.....


N6HKH: FOR KK6RGN: I have no idea about REF012. This is the Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table on XRF002A and other XRF's. We have nothing to do with REF012. If you like D-STAR, this is the place to be IMHO.


K6JM-Jim: While on the K6PUW website, be sure to check out the Dashboard. I believe that was created by Adrian, VK4TUX. Really neat multimode Dashboard!


K6JM-Jim: Great idea to move topic-oriented comments to the Current Discussions area. Nice.


K6JM-Jim: Easy to set up another club to get another vanity callsign - see www.k6jm.com/usasetupclub.htm -- but I think Bob W6KD nailed it that you probably are ok on D-Star having multiple Hotspots with the same call and port, since IPs will be different.


K7REX-Dan: Don and Jim, on the next k6PUW webpage update it might be nice to have a link to the Dashboard....


K6JM-Jim: Dashboard link is on each page on the K6PUW website, on the right end of the menu bar towards top of each page.


K6JM-Jim: Mike - if they have questions while entering a big deal like the SuperBowl, take off the rubber duck antenna and tell them it's a new cellphone... Might work.


K7REX-Dan: Well, shoot !!!! It was hidden right in front of my face --- no fair...


K6JM-Jim: G3 Registration page allow you to set up a new terminal and indicate it is for Terminal mode for 51A Plus2 or Access Point Mode for 51A Plus2. So just add one or two new terminals.


wa6jfk: wb1gof.dstargateway.org/cgi-bin/dstar-regcheck?callsign=WD8CCZ


wa6jfk: Check that out


k6fed: query.ke5bms.com/index.php


K6JM-Jim: My guess is now that G3 is rolling out, it is ok to have a null IP in the registration database (I don't personally know that, but that seems to be the understanding about G3), then the author of the WB1GOF webpage may want to remove that error comment.


wa6jfk: Hello Brian,


The new G3 systems are not assigning IPs to users now like the G2 systems did. We think it has to do with the new features of the next generation of D-STAR radios from Icom like the ID-51A PLUS2. www.icomamerica.com/en/products/amateur


wa6jfk: Response I got fromWB1GOF


K0VRF: Listening on Broadcastify, DVMega stucking in "linking" state


K0VRF: Anyone know why X reflectors get stuck in linking and never get linked?


K0VRF: Getting just the linking, trying XRF002A, yes, I verified the host file. Thanks for the comments


K6KD: K0VRF Have you tried with 555 or 310?


K0VRF: Thanks, great information. Continue to research, and I'll try moving the entries over from DExtra to DPlus


K6KD: K0VRF - You're welcome. DExtra is not a problem for you when trying to link to XRF002, XRF310, or XRF555 because those XRFs do not require port forwarding unlike the other XRFs.

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