DRT 93 - 20170126

Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 8:00pm PDT weekly.

You can find the shout box show notes on D-STAR Round Table Board

Shoutbox History


K7REX-Dan: John - K6KD I asked openSPOT how they sort out host file conflicts using 2 different host files sources. Their answer: If the XLX list has a different server address for a reflector than the DCS/REF/XRF list, then the XLX server address is used.


K7REX-Dan: openSPOT info: SharkRF openSPOT community forums forum.sharkrf.com/ You do not need to be registered to read the forum...


K7REX-Dan: openSPOT USA dealer information: Ham Radio Outlet www.hamradio.com/detail.cfm?pid=H0-015491 GigaParts www.gigaparts.com/sharkrf-openspot-standalone-ip-gateway-hotspot.html


W5AW: A Japanese station in USA ; Sakae AB5MF (JH0BDK) registered on W5AW with access point enabled and using ID51 plus2 terminal mode > callsign routed to another station in Japan successfully while W5AW was in G3IRC mode (ircddbgateway running).


W5AW: mike mike all G3 software runs alongside ircddbgateway apart from dsgwd, which is not needed for net G2/3 routed targets, but W5AW RF targets only, explaining the Japan qso success on plus2 terminal mode.


K6KD: K7REX - Dan: Prioritizing server address from XLX list over w6kd ftp list is BAD. For example, XLX310 and XLX555 only intended to be addressed as REF or DCS, not XRF. Using XLX address list means you will NOT be able to connect to real XRF310 or XRF555.


K6KD: XLX reflectors should not automatically have priority over all three prefixes. Another example - Ohio group has XRF038. Anyone could come along and stand up a new XLX038 and for openSPOT users, the real XRF038 will be blocked.


Concerned: So there is no crosschecking, i see a different IP for XRF500 and others in XLX list compared to the real one(s). Someone should tell Luc and get Opensspot (& everyone else) to scap that list. This is out of control & no respect.


G4KLX: I'm not very happy with OpenSPOT as they are trying to bend the D-Star (and DMR and YSF) to their world view. I resist them strongly. Also they have not opened up their source code, so much for being called Open-SPOT.


G4KLX: Is my proposal to Bob regarding dxrfd going to be discussed?


K7REX-Dan: G4KLX - Could you refresh our memories to what your dxrfd proposal to Bob was ??


G4KLX: It's too long to write down. I had a chat with Bob via the reflectors just over a week ago and outlined an idea I had back in 2011 to make DExtra reflectors easier to find and to track IP address changes automatically.


K7REX-Dan: G4KLX: Sounds good, but hopefully it'll get explain before it gets discussed giving everyone a chance to follow along....


K6KD: To no callsign "Concerned" Luc is providing a service with the host files from XLX server. The issue is how some host file providers use that data in conjunction with other sources for hot spots.


Concerned: K6KD, Fix the problem at the source, known matched xrf, ref & dcs should not be generated. Then there is no room for mistake. linux compare and sed remove scripting methods are simple for luc to include.


G4KLX: Almost everyone in D-Star wants to take control. Nothing has changed.......


KE0AYJ: I abandoned any further use of the PLUS2. The implementation of the feature at the gateway is on going but only affords linking to the repeater and no linking to any type of reflectors. Maybe later, ICOM will change that mistake.


KE0AYJ: CS routing is not a option that is accepted on this side of the pond.


G4KLX: W6KD: Sorry Bob, my Internet isn't too good this evening. I was seeing packet loss from you also.


wa7ktm: KE0AYJ says the Plus will not link to a reflector and only will do CS routing. Why does my Plus have "LINK TO REFLECTOR" in its menu?


K5DER: Yup! My fat Butt needs a special chair and my limited D-star knowledge NEED this this NET!


K5DER: It there a higher powered alternative to the Raspberry Pi / DVMEGA option? Just looking for a slightly higher powered alternative. So it can go in the rear area of my yard and still use d-star.


wa7ktm: K5DER my DVMEGA set to 1/2 pwr goes 1/2 mile. You should not be having a problem.


K6JM- Jim: Possible topic - ICOM G3 rollout, and how some D-Star gateways like W5AW are offering both G4KLX ircDDBGateway's features that support REF, XRF, DCS linking including CCS7 - AND - the option to switch to a vanilla G3 mode that can handle 51A-Plus2 modes.


K6JM-Jim: K5DER - Low power (10 mw range) devices from original DVAP to DVMEGA Radio, DV4mini, OpenSpot etc. all can be fed into a decent outside antenna for greater range. Otherwise for multimode, consider a MMDVM modem with higher power analog radios....


K6JM-Jim: WB4FAY, Ken, is author of Monlink, which is used by ICOM repeater/gateway administrators to manage DPlus REF linking (maintain a default REF reflector, returning to it after inactivity, and scheduling REF linking to nets). He is changing it for G3.


K5DER: This is such a great resource. Thanks you for all the information. I have a lot of options to look into to get more out of this setup I have so far. It's great to hear all the informed people in the Digital field share their knowledge.


K5DER: Internet Bandwidth cause that issue


K5DER: local repeaters who don't have low latency with high bandwidth connection will have large variation from local and remote communcations

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