DRT 92 - 20170119

Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 8:00pm PDT weekly.

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N6HKH: DSTAR Gateway Status Report URL: dsync.dstar.info for GW status including successful upgrades to G3 (courtesy of ZL1HN)


K7REX-Dan: [Follow-up] openSPOT host files updates: SharkRF says "openSPOT's database is updated daily from the official DCS/DPlus/DExtra/XLX databases: ftp://dschost2.w6kd.com/ and xlxapi.rlx.lu/api.php?do=GetReflectorHostname"


wa7ktm: Having the ID-51A Plus2 for 4 months without having the G3 software to use its full capability I am desperate. Finding out last night on the round table that W5AW has G3 software I tried to register with them. The results is they did not register me.


N6HKH: FOR WA7KTM: That's because you are already registered on the WA7FW system. You cannot be registered on two systems, so W5AW's refusal to register you was appropriate -- although they should have explained their reasoning. [More] J


N6HKH: You should be able to use (connect to) any open G2 or G3 system once D-STAR registration anywhere is complete. Give it a try. Good luck and let us know your experience.


wa7ktm: For N6HKH:This radio has been sitting on the self 4mo & will try anything to use it for what I bought it for. I was registered on two repeaters by mistake once and Dstar worked. So hoped this would have worked.


W5AW: wa7ktm W5AW will have urcall control to enable dsgwd for plus2 features. G3 dsgwd & ircddbgateway are not avail simultaneously as was doable in G2, so we are placing a urcall switch for user control for either option. XRF/DCS/CCS is fully available...


K7REX-Dan: G3 Gateway: IF I am reading what W5AD said correctly (??); Icom has plugged the hole that was used to combine G2 and ircDDBgateway and now with G3 gateways setup to include ircDDB users have to choose by means of urcall commands [MORE]


K7REX-Dan: G3 Gateway: which mode they want to use. That would mean ID-51A/E Plus2 users would need to choose to use G3 if they want to use their radios new features, but in doing so would be limited to only G3 and DPLUS. That is so sad...


W5AW: rtested urcall control today ok during making up custom scripts. dsipsvd provides some plus 2 features in ircddbgateway modes, so thats a dplus, or plus 2, port allocation as below ;


W5AW: [root@localhost log]# netstat -tulpn

Active Internet connections (only servers)

Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State PID/Program name

tcp 0 0* LISTEN


W5AW: udp 0 0* 12484/./dsipsvd


W5AW: udp 0 0* 12484/./dsipsvd


W5AW: UDP ports 12345 & 12346 provide the feature


W5AW: dsgwd ref


W5AW: # Management Server's Information





W5AW: dsipsvd ref


W5AW: # Communication Port Number





W5AW: w5aw-dstar.duckdns.org/


W5AW: dashboard auto changes to plus in g3 only mode


G4KLX: Had a great chat with Bob W6KB on Saturday am via the XRF cluster. I was debugging (and failing to improve) the System Fusion demodulator of the MMDVM.


G4KLX: I suggested an enhancement to the dxrfd program to him, I'll let him explain the idea in person.


G4KLX: Of course W6KB = W6KD.


G4KLX: The MMDVM now runs on both the STM32F4xx boards and the Teensy 3.1/3.2/3.5/3.6 which offer much better performance than the Arduino Due and cheaper too. I think I'd recommend the STM32F446-NUCLEO.


G4KLX: For example www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/stmicroelectronics/NUCLEO-F446RE/497-15882-ND/5347712 You'll still need some simple analogue electronics for filtering and level shifting. A couple of op-amps will do.... and some radios.


Listening ?: Any news on the latest podcast availability please ?


G4KLX: It was available from Friday afternoon/evening UK time.


Listening ?: latest from www.podcastchart.com/podcasts/papa-system-d-star-round-table?page=1 shows DRT 90 - 20170105, cannot see DRT 90 - 20170112


January 6th, 2017


January 6th,


N9KO: Click on the podcast link at the top of this page. The DRT is not part of the papa system now. You are on the wrong link.


Listening?: Thankyou sorry for my mistake


W5AW: playing with plus 2 feature now. Yes you must be registered on the gateway you use, and have terminal activated with new DStar.do > personal info > terminal entry 'access point'


W5AW: 1 Put Checks where modifications are made


W5AW: We have it working, only a suffix character van be used, no basic call with space is allowed


W5AW: for example lloyd is useinf W5LND B (two spaces in app)


W5AW: and his terminal on DStar.do with B suffix had access point checked ok. His AP callsign on app was accepted


W5AW: see play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.icom.rs_ms3a&hl=en


W5AW: Basically the plus 2 radio acts as a dongle (no RF transmitted) via app > phone internet to G3 server, allowing operation out of range of the repeater, and link control/data /text send


wa7ktm: The plus 2 radio acting as a dongle sounds good to me. No one has understood how it will work and now we have an idea. Thankyou W5AW.


G4KLX: So Icom are now where the DVAP was in 2011, progress! Cutting edge Icom.


W5AW: Well the dvap is not also a dual band DStar HT, nor did it work with a phone app. There could be an opening with dstarrepeater for this as a access point? We will have a video later


W5AW: We can confirm that G3 plus 2 terminal mode works with ircddbgateway active. The top last heard transmission from W5LND to W5BK was heard on the repeater from a ID51 plus 2 in terminal mode (no RF) vk4tux.duckdns.org/W5AW/terminal.png.


W5AW: The connection is made the G3 gateway where caller is registered, and has a character suffix callsign DStar.do > terminal, with access point checked and activated .

App access callsign must match XXXXXX P (base XXXXXX callsign cannot be used, must have suf


W5AW: cont > must have suffix)


MS3-A terminal user can use any G3 registered users in urcall and also talk to dplus users linked direct to the gateway.


The App phone ISP needs a routed IP to allow return traffic on 12445/12346 udp


W5AW: www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQa48uxmXV4


G4KLX: I'm aware of the DVAP not being a dual band HT. The idea of hotspot functionality is nothing new, and they did it in a way that is not compatible with the prevailing norms.


W5AW: @g4klx, yes I'm sure you are aware. Since its operation is limited to callsign G2/G3 routing only, Its popularity will soom wain. it will be try it out then forget it. A bit like ID51 'fastdata'


W5AW: There could be an opportunity fo making it something better with open source software. If someone in the UK has a ID51 plus 2, please lend it to Jonathan to do his magic. A bit like how the FT1D wires-x function was unravelled...


K7REX-Dan: I believe the person posting for W5AW is Lloyd Duck, W5LND... www.qrz.com/db/W5LND


n5vrp: 1. Explain XLX verses XRF reflectors as to connecting via a 880H or 91AD or other URcall linking?


2. Host file confusing XLX vs XRF IDs in the file.


n5vrp: Sorry ... host file I should have said.


K7REX-Dan: N6HKH -- I got to thinking (oh oh)... I think you were asking if the openSPOT included an AMBE chip to do D-STAR with. Correct me if I am wrong but it wouldn't need one, that is taken care of by the Icom radio just as it is using a DVMEGA or other hotspot


n5vrp: Exactly what I was looking for. On VFD call, but understand.

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