DRT 90 - 20170105

Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 8:00pm PDT weekly.

You can find the shout box show notes on D-STAR Round Table Board

Shoutbox History

G4KLX: Latest from Guus: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nqrg1aM93PI I don't know any more about it than what I have seen in this video.


G4KLX: In last weeks RT I think it was K4GMI who mentioned my callsign in relation to G3. Unfortunately it coincided with some R2D2, so could anyone clarify what was said. Is Icom going to send me a copy? Do they want to work with me? It would be nice


wb5eku: PE1PLM, Guus van Dooren's DVMega website is located at www.dvmega.auria.nl/, on the right had side is a link to this video also.


wb5eku: Jonathan, Thanks for letting us know about this new development


KE0AYJ: I have received the G3 CD but after reading some posts on the yahoo groups and the troubles most are having implementing the PLUS2 feature, I will not be installing it anytime soon.


KE0AYJ: I will be monitoring the shout-box tonight as I am in and area of Indiana that has no D-Star and very limited internet. In fact, no internet except for cellular!


AA0RX: Having fun tonight with my terminal window, hanging with my nerdy bretheren dual mode learning... Starbucks???


KE0AYJ: Starbucks?....Gary, you should be flogged.


KE0AYJ: 2 or 3 inches of the white stuff here.


n5vrp: Are any of you hearing W4GMI's audio hotter than Mike's? I'm hearing 6db hotter than others. His dropping packets could be related.


n5vrp: Just trying to help his packet loss. Sounds like he is clipping on peaks.


wb5eku: Jim McClellan's email address is: n5mij@k5tit.org He sends this out so it is not private information. It is on his K5TIT business card.


wb5eku: ICOM is not giving out the G3 software! You must be an ICOM DStar registered repeater administrator and provide them with serial number of your system.


n5vrp: Your absolutely right Don. Know the group well. It is license software through Icom.

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