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Shoutbox History


w6oso: I heard tonight that ICOM has sent an email to a repeater administraitor stating the G3 Software has been approved for release. The CD's are being shipped out now. In the email ICOM did not divulage any details about G3 upgrade or any specifics regarding


w6oso: Operations of G3


KK6MYS: Raspberry pp PIXEL for Mac and PC released today.


KK6MYS: It is not an emulator. The PIXEL OS runs on bare metal via CD or USB drive. Some have used Virtual Machines. Could this could work with USB based D-STAR devices. DVAP, Thumb DV...?


K7REX-Dan: IC-2820H cross-band repeater hotspot update: When using a IC-2820H radio to talk to a FM Radio set to cross-band repeat mode for a hotspot the IC-2820H Digital Monitor setting has to be set to "Digital" to keep if from switching to FM.


AA0RX: Merry Xmas all


kb7csw: Merry Christmas from Wyomimg

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