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KE0AYJ: I have submitted registration to GB7WC said to be running G3. Waiting to see if they allow it for testing the Plus2. I will post here IF it happens.


K7REX-Dan: Interesting: A ham on gmsk_dv-node Yahoo Group is claiming his new ID-51A+2 will not work on his Star*Board GMSK modem board. His old ID-51A did and his IC-2820H and TH-D74 still do, but not his new ID-51A+2. Nothing he has tried so far has worked...


KE0AYJ: I have not heard from GB7WC that is said to be running G3. The registration page does look different. Either they are not checking for registrations or are going by rules not to re-register calls.


KE0AYJ: Dan: I have also heard of this issue. It seems that the CPU version at 1.02 is the only difference.


K7REX-Dan: Update on using cross-band repeat for a hotspot: I find that using cross-band repeat to generate a hotspot works great, except... It seems to work great with newer radios, but older radios have broken audio, both directions... No clue why yet


KE0AYJ: Is another source for a great antenna.




KE0AYJ: Windows startup elimination


KE0AYJ: DStar. Is it stagnating?


W6KD: The smiley antenna is interesting...and tri-band. Good fit for the D74 for those folks wanting to use 220.

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