DRT 191 - 20181221

Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 7:00pm PDT weekly.

You can find the shout box show notes on D-STAR Round Table Board

Shoutbox History

 k6jm: What's your cat's callsign?

k6jm: KE0OMT reported "the registration process almost made me loose interest in D-Star. It took me 9 Weeks to get registered...." I am Gateway Admin for W6CX and try to process registrations within 24 hours, often much faster. Takes me abt 1 min to validate.

k6jm: The REGIST Gateway is also said to process requests quickly. But as we've said on the RT, you only need to register to use REF reflectors (XRF & DCS don't require registration) and use ICOM GW callsign routing. So while waiting, hams can still use D-Star.

k6jm: Another fact about registration -- in the early days of D-Star, Admins asked hams to register at their closest repeater/gateway to help spread the administrative load, no technical reason. I process requests from any and everywhere. Doesn't matter to DStar

K6KD: kc9sio - pretty funny. Mike N6HKH also has a cat. She does not use the shout box but instead enjoys chewing cables on his radios. He thinks she's trying to get him off the radio to give her more attention.

kg4nwe: Is XLX212 XRF212 Dstar or DMR only? The info page says DMR only but Im not sure what that means, haha! I know it means DMR only but is it connected to Dstar or another REF or Constallation?

kg4nwe: yep, didnt realize im three days late for this conversation! lol whoops

K6KD: kg4nwe XLX212 is DMR only, D-STAR ports not open. Two reasons: 1) Provide a balance to all the D-STAR only modules on 002, 310, and 555. 2) With no transcoding, confusing if both modes allowed. BTW - XLX313 is both D-STAR and DMR with transcoding.

K6KD: XLX212 is standalone, not linked. FYI in addition to all mod A linked, 313B linked to XRF006A (not XLX006) linked to 310B, 313C linked to 555C, and 313D linked to 310D

kg4nwe: It's almost net time!!

M7MIG/VK6MIG: Lots of R2D2 on www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/23224/web too! 

wb5eku: M7MIG, are you still hearing R2D2?

M7MIG/VK6MIG: Last over was clean

k6jm: Got a request to register a Romanian ham on D-Star. In researching him, I found this article: www.radioamator.ro/articole/view.php?id=1038, this ham and 5 others put up a UHF repeater on a mountaintop. Walked up with horses carrying gear.

k6jm: Congratulations to the hams in Romania who were committed enough to set up that repeater, in spite of the hard work involved. Ham radio is alive and well!

k6jm: Check www.dstar.info/query.html to see what the Trust Server database has for your callsign. Note there is a blacklist flag value shown. (Also, they recently changed IP addresses & you may need to clear cache to see this site.)

kg4nwe: That is motivating..... Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome........ then get on the air! Congrats

k6jm: Most common reason for blacklisting is a callsign that is bridging one REF reflector to another, creating a loop. They tend to take quick action on that.

k6jm: Question -- Anyone on the Net been to Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen? I am thinking of going next summmer. I speak a little German, but super technical topics will be tough, vocabulary-wise. 

k6fed: www.dxmini.com/shop.html#/ 

k6fed: www.dxmini.com/#/ 

k6jm: DXMINI seems to be created by KG5UBV. Check his page on qrz.com. Nice qrz page and good sales website. Would be nice to know more.

k6jm: I use wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsSearch/searchLicense.jsp all the time. But I would not want a major data center running without anyone there. Disks begin to go bad, people monitor this stuff. Not just a server under your desk....

zl2ufi: Went to Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen in 2015. Found the forums in German or German and English or English only. Not being a German speaker some of the forums looked good but hard to understand. Enjoyed the experience. Smaller that Dayton but a lot cleaner.

wb5eku: I would like to wish all on the net, worldwide a very Merry Christmas.

k6jm: ZL2UFI - thanks for your comments about Ham Radio. I did not realize some forums are in English. I do speak some German so this may work out. Thanks again for the info.

M7MIG/VK6MIG: Quick question - I seem to remember hearing about a DSTAR AMSAT bird being launched, but I haven't heard anything recently.. did that ever happen?

k6jm: Reading the DXMINI Quick Start Guide, the product is clearly based on G4KLX MMDVM programs. But I see no reference to G4KLX or MMDVM per se. Given the MMDVM programs are Open Source with GPL Non-Commercial licensing, it makes one wonder....

zl2ufi: No problem. There is a program (free booklet you get) that tells of the forums and flags next to then for the languages. English only was on the Enigma code machines. Good luck if you go. 

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