DRT 189 - 20181207

Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 7:00pm PDT weekly.

You can find the shout box show notes on D-STAR Round Table Board

Shoutbox History

N9KO: TA DA !!! Here is the link for the RF version of Peanut which requires a red DVAPDongle made by Internet Labs and your favorite analog FM radio, like my Yaesu VX-2R. software.pa7lim.nl/peanut/STABLE/ 

K6KD: Not digital radio but I'll toss out the article: What is a VPN? And why you should use a VPN on public Wi-Fi us.norton.com/internetsecurity-privacy-what-is-a-vpn.html

N9KO: The Peanut Dashboard is at peanut.pa7lim.nl:5678/ . The url for the Android version PIN code is www.pa7lim.nl/peanut-request/ 

KA6LMS_John: N9JA is coming to Last Man Standing on Tuesday. His wife Cindy - NN9JA will operate, Ray will log. KA6LMS will be on @ 3:45 Pacific or 23:45 UTC, into 30A not 30C or 12A using an IC-5100 and Pi DVAP no other DSTAR radios will be there.

VE7LEE: The Peanut ports are TCP 5678 and UDP 6669, you need these ports open to follow through your firewall or router.

VE7LEE: My Peanuts now works at home on my network. I keep all ports closed unless I am using them.

VE7LEE: Peanut is list includes xref and dcs, with only one REF030C.

VE7LEE: The admin of REF001 blocked me again :-( I hope the admin will unblock me so you can enjoy the REF001C again.
I sent the admin of REF001 several emails but he does not respond to my email.
New registration site : www.pa7lim.nl/peanut-request/
See o

k6jm: Why were there early failures using analog devices into DV? Remember the AMBE codec was designed assuming high quality analog input and does not deal well with high signal to noise sources. But usually radios are close to their DVAPs with good signals.

wb5eku: This might be due to learning curves in the amateur digital voice world, mainly DStar. Coding and interfacing to the existing networks might have been an issue.

VE7LEE: Does anybody know where you can get a Portable AMBE server?

VE7LEE: Is Japan the only place to get a Portable AMBE server premade? I will be in Japan on Feb 28 and March 1st.

VE7LEE: Is OpenVPN for the Rasberry Pi?

VE7LEE: speedof.me is another one

N6HKH: No - cell, computers, tablets, etc

K6KD: OpenVPN clients: Windows XP or later, OS X 10.8 or later, Android 4.0 or later, iOS 6 or later, Linux *BSD

VE7LEE: found it: medium.freecodecamp.org/running-your-own-openvpn-server-on-a-raspberry-pi-8b78043ccdea

VE7LEE: docs.pi-hole.net/ 

VE7LEE: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNS_sinkhole

KE0OMT: Here is the radio I am talking about www.retevis.com/rt51. If a person would take a radio like this and link it with a AMBE Server they would not need a hotspot or a repeater to use the reflectors as long as they have cellular network.

KE0OMT: For someone traveling this would make a great mobile setup.

KE0OMT: Here is a link for the network wide adblocker using a raspberry pi I was talking about as well. pi-hole.net/ 

k6jm: While writing the registration page password reset for W6CX, I ran across an article about SQL injection - check out the cartoon at paragonie.com/blog/2015/05/preventing-sql-injection-in-php-applications-easy-and-definitive-guide

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