DRT 184 - 20181025

Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 7:00pm PDT weekly.

You can find the shout box show notes on D-STAR Round Table Board

Shoutbox History

K6KD: Regarding last week's discussion: AT&T’s Flying COW Deployed to Hard-Hit Mexico Beach about.att.com/pages/hurricane_michael providing service to customers and first responders in the surrounding area


ke0lmx: SharkRF OpenSPOT 2, now available for purchase: shop.sharkrf.com/index.php


g4klx: The OpenSPOT 2 worries me as its capabilities exactly match those of the MMDVM suite. We will be checking for known protocol variations in my software within OpenSPOT 2 looking for potential GPL infringement. If so, legal action will be taken.


g4klx: It was good to meet some of you at Pacificon last weekend. I got to meet Jim K6JM at SFO before I flew back as he couldn't make the event. I had hoped to meet N6HKH to hear those dulcet tones in person, but alas you didn't come. We had a great time.


g4klx: Lots of ideas were talked about, one which will be implemented soon is that mobile hotspots will be able to report their positions to aprs.fi if they have a GPS source connected.


g4klx: I came back with 2 x CS800D (unobtainium in the UK) and an FTM100DR (cheaper) in my bag. I now have mobiles for the major DV modes in the UK. P25 and NXDN are very rare here.


N6HKH: We may discuss tonight this MESH network and devices: www.gotenna.com


k6jm: It was great talking to Jonathan G4KLX at the SFO airport as I arrived and he was about to head back to the UK. Jonathan is the real ham -- he may write software we love, but he also uses his (many) radios, possibly the reason his software is so good.


K7REX-Dan: Mike - where did you see this about the ARES changes ?


VE7LEE: Is not FireWire the same as www.gotenna.com ?


VE7LEE: oops not called Firewire, forgot the name


K6KD: Regarding amateur operators and gotenna MESH: meshcommunity.gotenna.com/t/how-many-of-you-are-amateur-radio-operators/210


N6HKH: ARRL News "Buildout of Nationwide First Responder Broadband Network Could Drive ARES Changes" June 2017 with supplemental reports.


VE7LEE: The software is called Fire Chat, video at: www.opengarden.com/firechat/


VE7LEE: FireChat works by using the Bluetooth and WiFi radios in your phone to communicate directly with other devices within 200 feet that are also running FireChat. Multihop technology connects all devices within range, creating a mesh network that works, even w


VE7LEE: So which is better Gotenna or Fire Chat?


VE7LEE: Fire Chat is limited to 200 feet.


K7REX-Dan: The ARRL has a new "ARES Strategic Plan" that is still in discussion, but should be finalized around the first of next year.


KK6BDF: I just went thru this with WinDV - turns out the DPHOSTS.TXT has all the REF's commented out. And I'm using the FREE*Star VE3TNK server. I ended up downloading W6KD's host files and fixing them up. (I'm coming in late, so I might be off topic...)


KK6BDF: It is a Line Feed only file, just need to edit it in notepad - doesn't take too long.

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