Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 7:00pm PDT weekly.

You can find the shout box show notes on D-STAR Round Table Board

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K6KD: Law Abiding Citizens Net Group:


wb5eku: Possible topic for the DStar/Digital voice Round Table:


wb5eku: Don't forget the DStar QSO party this weekend. For more info: AND don't forget the place to make


wb5eku: QSOs is on the constellation of Xreflectors. XRF002 A, XRF310 A, XRF555 A and of course XRF313 A


g4klx: The xreflector team have announced the end of DCS, CCS, FCS, PCS and other stuff. XLX will fill the gap in the DCS world I think. I have removed their support from my code ready for release when they disappear. See


g4klx: By that I mean FCS from my YSFGateway and CCS from ircDDB Gateway.


g4klx: BTW who's coming to Pacificon next month? I am :-)


K6KD: Will the demise of FCS mean more activity on YSF or will it be a fringe on the sidelines compared to Wires-X?


K6KD: Rise of 5G Lessens the Case for Net Neutrality - Article's view that "Meaning, the market is solving what government could only worsen."


K6KD: New iPhones support Gigabyte LTE. Progression towards 5G. 5G vs Gigabit LTE: the differences explained:


g4klx: I hope it does create more activity. It's supported by almost all System Fusion equipment bar Yaesu's own. There have been informal contacts about Wires-X, so who know.....


K6KD: One problem with YSF connecting to either DMR (no transcoding reqd) or D-STAR (transcoding reqd) is different audio levels. Not a problem with 1 on 1 QSOs but in a net is problematic. One solution would be decoding to PCM to change level then encoding


K6KD: .... Would require the same amount of hardware and processing as required for transcoding between D-STAR and DMR.


N9KO: I did not hear Bob. Listening on xrf002a on Buster and mac


k7ve: DRAWS - Part level kit -- also fully assembled. Or just the board.


N9KO: Did not hear Bill either


k7ve: DRAWS kit -- no soldering


k7ve: -- more info tomorrow.


K6KD: Heard everyone on 002, 310, and 313 - not monitoring 555


k7ve: There is a real time clock as well as the GPS for time and location. Yes that is a battery holder for the RTC. The photo is the prototype and the production boards will be a little different.


k7ve: I am not currently planning on being at Pacificon this year.


k7ve: Talk I gave at DCC last week, may be of interest to repeater and hotspot owners (You will have to join the group in


k7ve: Going QRT

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