DRT 171 - 20180726

Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 7:00pm PDT weekly.

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Shoutbox History

 N9KO: What is the TX/RX range for the Zumspot? I could not find this on HRO's website or several other sites I checked.

wb5eku: Its 10 Miliwatts so its foot pring is relatively small, like your home or property. I have mine in a second story window and can hit

wb5eku: it walking around the neighborhood.

wb5eku: But don't expect to get miles out of it, and since the input to the RF chip is not protected, be careful about adding an external antenna.

N9KO: Tnx for replies. My bad in that I meant to ask about the frequencies on which the Zumspot will operate, ie. something like 420 - 450. I have 3 hotspots and want to clean up my act.

wb5eku: I know that it works in the 430 to 450 band, and see no reason that it won't work in the 420-430 band. In Southern California that band is used for point to point linking (mountain top to mountain top) and is pretty protected also the upper portion is used

wb5eku: by and coordinated for ATV. You should have no problem finding 3 frequencies for your hotspots that are far enough apart not to cause demod. I run 5 and they work well. Good luck.


N6HKH: www.thingiverse.com/thing:2393352 for 3D printer file IC-7100 stand.

KE0OMT: If I can go back to the satellite ISP issues... maybe there is someone out there who knows a little more then I do about this but could the protocol (TCP vs UDP) have anything to do with chatter because of the difference in packet verification?

KE0OMT: Also packet shaping used by the ISP to throttle speed according to your contracted speed, would that have an affect? so could a person adjust their MTU down?

W5ZIT: A local changed from DSL to Hughes Net and had to stop using his hotspot. Listening works fine, but transmitting has gaps and makes D-Star unreadable.

K6KD: W5ZIT what hotspot was the station using? The openSPOT has jitter buffer control to address

W5ZIT: (K6KD) it was an older DVAP but had been upgraded to Pi-Star

K6KD: W5ZIT That may have been part of the issue. openSPOTS appear to work better because of that buffer.

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