DRT 169 - 20180712

Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 7:00pm PDT weekly.

You can find the shout box show notes on D-STAR Round Table Board

Shoutbox History

 K6KD: KH7FU in the thread with the screen shot is a question which firmware this is. If you answer here, I can post reply in thread d-star-roundtable.boards.net/thread/364/screen-shot-kh7fu-firmware-upgrade 


KG5SLG: :) 

N6HKH: Wiki link mentioned by K7VE: groups.io/g/net-44-vpn/wiki/home 

VE7LEE: is the net on xref2a now?

VE7LEE: I don't heard anything, rebooting the computer. ref001c is working but not xref002a...

VE7LEE: is there anybody here now?

k7ve: I'm here groups.io/g/net-44-vpn 

VE7LEE: is the net running now? Just rebooted the computer and I do not heard anyone.

N6HKH: Ted - you should hear the net on all reflectors.

KG5SLG: Would be very helpful in the future to provide a PDF or visual presentation so that the hams can follow along

k7ve: vpn.k7ve.net/openvpn-monitor/

VE7LEE: working now on xref310 but not xref2a

N6HKH: XRF002A is fine. I'm listening there now.

K6KD: KG5SLG I did put info out including links to a video as well as the groups on Notify - groups.io/g/KingsOfDigital which I have advertised extensively

VE7LEE: for the 1st time, not working for me. rebooted computer, xref310 is working.

VE7LEE: Can those IP address b used for any purpose? Or amateur use and traffic only on those ip?

k7ve: portal.ampr.org

k7ve: VE7LEE - Only Amateur Radio related.
VE7LEE: thanks

k7ve: I'm sure I put some folks to sleep :) 

K6KD: K7VE could not mention and did NOT ask me to do so but anyway the ThumbDV is on sale through July for $99.95 nwdigitalradio.com/product/thumbdv/

N6HKH: Nah ... well, maybe a few, but those stations look for any excuse to net nap.

KG5SLG: Wonder how long before Andrew Taylor adds that to Pi-STAR for terminal mode

k6jm: Personal endorsement - the ThumbDV AMBE 3000 dongle is terrific. I use it myself, and also helped a ham who had a bunch of DMR radios & just could not keep them programmed. I suggested he get a ThumbDV & use it with BlueDV. He's active now on DMR & DStar.

KG5SLG: K6KD of course there on sale after I bought one Gee LOL >:D 

VE7LEE: sorry my star board this week. sorry ZL1HN

N6HKH: You can never have enough ThumbDVs ...

VE7LEE: Sold mine to kd4iz

k7ve: zl1hn -- i may have a couple of old boards lying around. k7ve@k7ve.org

k7ve: Going QRT --

N6HKH: Thanks again, John. Goodnight.

k6jm: Regarding G4KLX's announcement that DStarRepeater has been enhanced to support ICOM radios with Terminal/AccessPoint mode - hat's off to Jonathan. He has a day job and family, but somehow finds time to write all these wonderful open source programs.

k6jm: Hats off also to Adrian, VK4TUX, who provided G4KLX the USB traces between an ICOM radio in Terminal mode and the ICOM software, allowing reverse-engineering the protocol and supporting those radios in G4KLX's D-Star program. Thanks, Adrian!

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