Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 7:00pm PDT weekly.

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Shoutbox History

 W6KD: Summer's almost here. How do we take the "hot" out of a vehicle-mounted hotspot?

Brian-KE0HZX: something like this might work 

Brian-KE0HZX: mount it vertically so air can rise across the board...use natural airflow heat rises...if it is vertical air will pass over board and leave


Brian-KE0HZX: USB version here... 

ZL2TWS: Pi-Star now running on Odroid XU4 on an Internet labs DVAP. Hotspot to hotspot with over night updates disabled. Add my own hotspot destinations. See here:

W5ZIT: I have 2 Zimmerman USB and 4 Pi-Hat modems in service and there is no difference in temps. We cool the Pi-Hats from the side opposite the GPIO with a small fan and rarely see over 100F on the Pi.

Brian-KE0HZX: thanks for the temp info.....

W6KD: The Arduino version of the dual-band dvMega is still in production: 

Brian-KE0HZX: I also was thinking about going to a eMMC device

ZL2TWS: Forgot to mention the Odroid XU4 version was downloaded as an SD card version and then converted to run exclusively on an eMMC 8GB chip.

W5ZIT: We place a laptop running team viewer on the LAN at the site for control.


Brian-KE0HZX: thanks

Brian-KE0HZX: what was that guys callsign..the guy with the mountain top set up?

W5ZIT: WB5EKU I think.

Brian-KE0HZX: ok

W5ZIT: His name is Don.

Brian-KE0HZX: ok just sent him an email

Brian-KE0HZX: got do i link to XLX reflector with ID51 and PiStar? I see XLX is not in the drop down list

W6KD: @ke0hlx -- you can access most of the XLX reflectors as XRFxxx

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