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 k7exj: K7EXJ - I couldn't find the thread on electric car RFI so I figured I'd post it here. Listening to the podcast for last week there were a lot of references to electric and hybrid vehicles and the operation of digital voice, analog FM and hotspots. 

k7exj: K7EXJ - Since most noise is amplitude modulated one of the great pluses to FM analog repeaters was "no mobile noise". With digital voice it's even harder for am noise to break through. But HF CW and SSB (and RTTY and PSK) are basically amplitude modulated.

k7exj: K7EXJ - and subject to noise. My XYL's Nissan Leaf has no RFI on VHF/UHF in FM modes and we can use out hotspot and analog/digital voice with no issues. However I posted a test in which SSB/CW reception on HF had quite a lot of noise.. S4 to S6 depending.. 

k7exj: K7EXJ - depending upon speed (faster = more noise). I suspect this is due to the use of a switching inverter which changes the DC current from the big battery to AC current for the drive motor. So we just stick to digital with no issues. 

k7exj: If all this is in the wrong place maybe someone can piece it together and put it where it would be best used. :) 

wb5eku: D-Star ONE v.1.1 Phoenix Satellite Planned for Launch February 1 

wb5eku: and for info 

wb5eku: published an article about successful final testing on D-Star ONE: 

wb5eku: The previous information came from AMSAT News Service and The D-Star One Team 

N6HKH: K7EXJ: I created a thread in Current Discussions Folder for RF QRM issues in electric vehicles. Thanks for the reminder. 

N6HKH: Broadcastify audio feed is presently not available. Problem is being addressed.

KK6MYS: I have a friend with a Tesla Model X that has a analog ham radio installed. He his no problems with RF interference. 

KK6MYS: youtube live stream of this net

N6HKH: Broadcastify feed is working now. 

k6jm: If you want to use Blue-DV for Windows with your ThumbDV, download it from Works great. Yes, most of my hotspots are use a Pi3 or Pi ZeroW, but BlueDV-Windows is great!

k6jm: I have a positive attitude towards others, so I start assuming many, maybe most, will listen to advice about operating behavior and try to get along. Not everyone will, but it still makes sense to pass along good advice, in this case, don't kerchunk. 

k6jm: But the kerchunking topic tonight is getting great comments. Thanks for bringing it up.

k6jm: Regarding Mike's Superbowl question, think of it like a cruise where you don't need RF, just use a cellphone with BlueDV and a ThumbDV or equivalent... 


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