DRT 143 - 20180111

Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 7:00pm PDT weekly.

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wb1haiannapolis: My apologies if this is not the correct forum. My search term was "Not connected" as a phrase.


wb1haiannapolis: And it appears if one hits the enter or "carriage return it transmits - I am new to this... so I am trying to find out how one gets "connected" with a DVPDONGLE and a Windows 10 (64bit) Dell XPS 8700? I have connectivity (appears this is character limited)


wb1haiannapolis: D74 to dongle and dongle to PC, but the DVAP tool has blanks for MY:, UR:, R1: and R2:. If this is not the correct forum please advise. This D-STAR stuff is loaded with Oo-lees (Navy Term)


w1jts: dv3k thumb dongle won't let me transmit when i click on PTT and what is the lock square next to PTT all of software works and monitors d star any help would be appreciated e mail w1jts @aol.com


N9KO: w1jts - I use the original DvDongle. Put a check in that box, then when you click on the PTT and it stays engaged until you click on it a second time to "unkey"


jon w1jts: n9ko i have the box checked and no response, could it be a defective dongle and how would you check it? i have the local guru working on the problem and he is no that familiar with the dv 2.1 program i confess i am stumped , everything works except the PT


N9KO: w1jts - there is a good YahooGroup called DvDongle that addresses your dongle and the older blue dongle. Did you follow the installation steps listed on www.dv3kdongle.com ?


kg5tnk: There is a new Firmware update to the Kenwood TH-D74A that allows you to select XRF reflectors.


mikejclouse: Hamcation Feb 9-11th....https://www.hamcation.com/




K0OQL: www.hamcation.com/forums-speakers lists d-star forums


KD2KOG: www.hamcation.com/


K0OQL: www.hamcation.com/forums-speakers


wb5eku: www.hamcation.com/ Hamcation February 9 thru 11th 2018


n3tl: www.hamcation.com/forums-speakers. That page has the seminar schedule.


W6KD: DVAPTool is the commercial software made for the DVAP and DVDongle devices--it only works to connect to DPlus nodes, which makes it of very limited use in the modern digital radio world


W6KD: For dongle users (blue DVDongle, Northwest Radio ThumbDV, and DV3K) the old but still functional WinDV program and the new BlueDV software from PA7LIM allow connection to all types of nodes


K0OQL: Anyone use or have info on using a older D-Star DV-Adapter FA-DV 2.0 I am trying to use it with a Yaesu FT-817. Receive and data work fine, not getting tx audio adjusted.


kb5zzb: Is there an easy way to add XRF REFLECTORS to an Icom G3 repeater stack? Thanks


k6jm: KB5ZZB: Many would suggest replacing ICOM G3 gateway software with G4KLX ircDDBGateway, which of course supports XRF/DCS/REF. Also available is g2_link from FREE*Star. It now supports G3 & supports linking to XRF & DCS, but uses slightly different syntax.


k6jm: Sorry for timing out about BlueDV. Works great with DVMega/BlueStack and a D-Star or DMR HT. It now also supports a ThumbDV or equivalent AMBE3000 device, either plugged into pc, or phone/tablet with OTG cable, OR on a network-available AMBE server.


k6jm: I have installed g2_link on G2 gateway. I understand they have updated it to also work with G3 gateways but kept the name the same. My own gateway, W6CX, also runs a hybrid G3/ircDDBGateway built for us by Adrian, VK4TUX. It works really well too.


k6jm: Regarding terminals and using suffix letter -- there really are no rules, other some software only recognizes blank and A-E. It's easier to use blank unless you plan to have two radios with the same callsign in use on the network at the same time.


k6jm: If you have inadvertently somehow rebroadcast traffic onto an REF reflector, you can check if they have banned you. Go to dstar.info/query.html. Look if your callsign's blacklist flag is true. Fix the problem and contact Robin AA4RC.


ka2y: Two hotspots - both on 70 cm - on XLX313 dashboard I see my DStar hotspot on XRF002A - but were does my DNR Hotspot show up? 


W6KD: DNR? Do Not Resuscitate? :-)


K6KD: KA2Y - you show up on XLX313 in the Repeaters/Nodes tab. The Users/Modules tab shows your last call, whether it be D-STAR or DMR.


k6jm: Bob: If that was a soapbox, I'm all for soapboxes. Well said about aggregation vs fragmentation. Podcast listeners: Bob's topic started about 1:42 into the Round Table. I like to experiment, but the infrastructure should focus on bringing people together.

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