Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 7:00pm PDT weekly.

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N6HKH: What? No posts? Must be a conspiracy.


kc9sio: Good evening.


kg5tnk: D-STAR Users FB page is GREAT! It helped me configure both my Pi-Star hotspot for the XLx313 conntection, but also directed someone else to it to get them connected. Support here is GREAT!


KG5SLG: Thanks to KG5TNK for telling me about the link for DMR to XLX crossover with a pi-star, the link can be found under the facebook Pi-Star users in the file section called Configure dmr hotspot


KG5SLG: Oops sorry you have to belong to the group


KG5SLG: IC-92AD to link to the Raspberry PI3 running a DVMEGA with the pi-star image and Nextion Screen 


KG5SLG: That is what I got for christmas


K6KD: Video on Nano-Spot


KG5SLG: You can also name the hotspot your on your phone the same as the router and give it the same name so you can transfer without any issues


KG5SLG: sorry mike appears my power supply giving me an issue


KG5SLG: I will be back


N6HKH: No problem. Key back up when remedied if you'd like.


kg5tnk: I have a question for the Nano Spot fella! Is there a way to set WiFi priorities with it. I have recently had an issue with that via the Raspberrly Pi, but found a resolution.


n1dot: yes the scanning is done in order of priority defined in the wpa_supplicant file


n1dot: wpa_supplicant.conf file


n1dot: what you did for the raspi wpa_supplicant.conf file will also working on the nano-spot too is also use the pi-star image


n1dot: with the wpa_supplicant.conf file


VE7LEE: for 2017, was the year the BrandMester took over DMR in users compare to DMARC


VE7LEE: G3 a waste of time and effort


kg5tnk: n1dot...I know full well how to configure the priority via the Pi-Star image... for I have done so withe successs...I am wondering, before I drop the cash for the Nano Spot, can I do the same... Reasons for it are multiple..


kg5tnk: n1dot: You have answered my question already. The same edit will solve my proble...TY!4


n1dot: i have the nano-spot and works the as my mmdvm image of pi-star as far the wifi is concerned. 


n1dot: i have mmdvm full duplex repeater using a dr-1x here in my shack


n1dot: hi mike the next thing jonathan is going to do is add nxdn (kenwood) mode to mmdvm.


n1dot: jonathan has a kenwood commercial radio that does nxdn now as well as dmr


n1dot: that will allow use to use an icon idas radio or a kenwood nxdn radio.


n1dot: with mmdvm


n1dot: g4klx is quite active on p25 also


n1dot: i have ran into him on p25


n1dot: north america reflector


N6HKH: Here's what we're talking about generally w/links for more:


W6KD: Speaker shopping...


n1dot: link for mmdvm oard from repeater bulder



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