DRT 139 - 20171214

Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 7:00pm PDT weekly.

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N9KO: There was some talk about the ZumStick. The mmdvm zumspot FB page's File section has a file called: PiZeroStem.pdf, which may be the one talked about.


WG7D (Mike) : Anyone know the status (development) of the DV4mobile D-Star/DMR/C4FM/ P25 mobile rig?... from Connect Systems? Link: wirelesshold.com/dv4mobile-2.aspx


w6oso: Regarding the DV4 Mobile, I checked on this last week. The product is being sold by Wireless Holdings. There is still no product available. Giga Parts is still taking reservations with no promise of delivery or established pricing.


k6uda: Hi Guys, K6UDA from the K6UDA Radio show on youtube tuning in. I just discovered the XRF side of D-Star and loving' it. Watch my show for some XRF content coming up. I'd check in but I've got net control duties on a local net at 1930hrs. -73, Bob


wd6fox: Hello K6UDA! Great Stuff!


wd6fox: Anyone have documents or a basic discussion on what exactly DR Mode does on the Kenwood TH-D74... The way I use it is I have all D-Star repeaters from the database in their , but is there any other functionality for that mode? Still learning..- Sean Thanks


K6KD: TH-D74 User Guide describes it starting on p. 35. Pretty sure the manual can be downloaded from Kenwood site - if not US, try UK.


wd6fox: Thanks K6KD


K6KD: You're welcome WD6FOX


k6jm: wd6fox - I'm not DR mode expert, but I do use it. Kenwood included all DR mode functionality on their D74. I recommend making sure your radio's repeater lists are up to date. See www.dstarinfo.com/RepeaterDownloads.aspx.


k6jm: Also for DR mode, be sure to manually add other reflectors (like XRF002A!). When travelling, I use DR mode on my 51A with a DVMega & BlueStack talking to BlueDV on my phone. After adding various XRF reflectors, I really like DR mode.


wd6fox: maybe DV Mode I got confused


wd6fox: Sorry


mikejclouse: Thank you w6oso ..just curious ,it looks interesting (dv4 mobile)


wd6fox: Thanks for the responses folks... I got it


VE7LEE: I drove the Chevy Bolt EV car today, with a FT1D, no RFI to the radio, was told that strong RF signals could block the UHF signal from the key fob to car.


VE7LEE: most people did not know what RFI was at the dealers. On other nets, owners of the GM Chevy Volt, had no problems with HF, VHF and UHF radio gear.


VE7LEE: I am listening to your net


k6uda: I'm back now. What are we talking about?


N6HKH: Building cables for 5100 remote head to radio unit.


VE7LEE: And mag mount will not stick to most EV cars since non iron metal


VE7LEE: what was that web site ? k0bg.com ?


VE7LEE: k0bg.com/hybrid.html


n7tae: Want to learn more about routing? See openquad.net.


k6jm: Bob W6KD -- yeah, but what do you really think about callsign routing? (Actually, nice job on explaining the issues.)


k6jm: I like Bob's wish that gateways would allow Admins to prevent a callsign routed call to be received when the gateway is linked to a reflector. Possibly it could be flipped so that turning on Callsign Routing Reception would unlink and disallow linking.


k6jm: In the meantime, education is needed. If you callsign route, be sure to announce you are doing so and remind listeners that to respond, they need to hit their radio's callsign capture button AND unlink their gateway from any possible reflector. Education!


k6jm: CCS7 is a simpler form of callsign routing, since recipients do not need to hit the callsign capture button. As pointed out on the net, CCS7 uses linking technology (sets up a temporary DCS reflector and links both parties to that during the call).


k6jm: G4KLX is supposed to unlink when receiving a CCS7 call, which would fix many problems, though many would not appreciate unlinking just because of a random CCS7 call into their gateway. As well, the unlink sometimes is not done, so be careful with CCS7 too.


k6jm: Final comment -- I like the 4100 and think it's a good value without even considering using Terminal mode or AccessPoint mode. It may well be my next mobile radio.

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