DRT 136 - 20171123

Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 7:00pm PDT weekly.

You can find the shout box show notes on D-STAR Round Table Board

Shoutbox History

n9ko-calvin: I just had a QSO using the PA7LIM AMBEserver / ThumbDV as mentioned on the last roundtable. The other operator mentioned someone else's callsign appeared on his radio. I went to the REF001 dashboard and saw his callsign as transmitting, but I did not see

n9ko-calvin: either my callsign or the callsign that appeared on the radio. I did change my callsign in the setup file when I installed the app on my android device. Audio quality was good so I hope this can be fixed. PA7LIM clearly says no support provided. TIA

n7tae: Will there be a Round Table on Thanksgiving?

K6KD: I updated a paper here d-star-roundtable.boards.net/thread/271/paper-describing-xlx-xrf-dmrgateway The thread in Current Discussions describes the update.

N6HKH: YES. The Round Table will air tonight, Thanksgiving.

K6KD: KI6LNA you may have been beaconing. Needed to block you. Please advise when fixed.

AA7US: What causes rapid continuous beaconing like that?

K6KD: Beaconing is a radio setting

AA7US: This is not a hotspot setting? I know the dstarrepeater config file has an AUDIO beacon setting.

AA7US: Audio beaconing is a local Tx only.

AA7US: APRS maybe?

AA7US: Nano-Spot from Micro Node Intl. in Henderson, NV (maker of Nano-Node, etc.)

AA7US: Yes... brand new device.

KD0QZR - JUSTIN: Yes, Mike Nano Node makes them

AA7US: Runs Pi-Star.

KD0QZR - JUSTIN: Micro Node yes, my apologies.

KD0QZR - JUSTIN: www.micro-node.com/ 

AA7US: Micro Node products are for those willing to pay extra for a turn-key product requiring no assembly and no programming.

AA7US: tinyurl.com/y8z6wpjr

AA7US: KK6MYS: That's not the Nano-Spot. That's a Nano-DV you linked to. Different device.

AA7US: tinyurl.com/yaye82kg

AA7US: Nano-Spot -> tinyurl.com/yaye82kg

AA7US: Mike: Everyone's asleep after eating turkey!

KD0QZR - JUSTIN: Thoughts on how Net Neutrality will affect Digital Amateur Radio? Will digital radio be considered streaming and in turn cost us extra to be able to use our radios?

AA7US: OK... back to sleep now.

N6HKH: Now you're making me sleepy ...

AA7US: www.facebook.com/groups/pistar/ 

AA7US: N6HKH: The Pi-Star developer will be adding cron job editing to the web console soon to allow scheduling.

N6HKH: Roger

AA7US: Great net Mike! Happy Thanksgiving!

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