DRT 134 - 20171109

Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 7:00pm PDT weekly.

You can find the shout box show notes on D-STAR Round Table Board

Shoutbox History

 K6KD: Can you connect to the Constellation XRF reflectors using all 26 modules? In Current Discussions please answer a poll question in the thread D-STAR XRF Reflector module connection question. Need to login to answer.

KK6MYS: Found some videos on Pi-Star i rPi image with webpage frontend for settings. It MMDVM so you hotspot can work multimode www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5G4gYDdJeQ

KK6MYS: link to Pi-Star www.pistar.uk/downloads/

W6KD: @w3lna--Mike, I had to block your call on the constellation reflectors due to a large number (more than 50) of spurious keyups today. Please advise when you get the problem fixed and we will unblock you.

K6KD: Also noticed W3LNA in one-sided qsos. Possibly on a repeater with another station whose radio is not properly programmed.

KK6MYS: I think this may be the cheapest multimode hotspot setup. ZumSPOT Pi with Antenna, Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless, 4GB sd card loaded with Pi-Star, 40 pin male connector for Pi (The GPIO Connector for the Pi requires soldering) $120 shipped. 3 week wait.

VE7LEE: here is a copy of my presentation that I will be doing this Sunday in Richmond.

VE7LEE: va7ref.info/2017/11/05/digital-amateur-radio-in-vancouver/

KK6MYS: Have to email Bruce (ve2gzi@gmail.com) to order the ZumSPOT Kit which includes all the things listed above.

VE7LEE: Amateur Radio Seminar in Richmond, BC This Sund Nov. 12 Details at www.richmondarc.ca

kg5tnk: I am having receive issues via DMR through the new BlueStack Mini + and DVMega combo. I must key in to 4001 to begin receiving after making any changes. I don't wish to cause a problem, but need a conversation to help iron out issues. Please ignore.

kg5tnk: Maybe someone has experience with MD-2017 radio codeplug with DVMega?

ai6kj: Re: ZumSpot bundle for $120. Where is this available from? Tnks, Barbara.

ai6kj: Never mind, I see the info.

KK9TT : W6KD Hi, Bob. How would we know if 2 Openspots, which I have, might be interacting? Joe

N6HKH: ARRL Int'l Grid Chase www.arrl.org/news/announcing-the-arrl-international-grid-chase

Wb0eya: I guess if i can hear this net, i’m Not one of those people taking the constellation down with spurious transmission.

W6KD: Hi Joe...long time no "see"

KK9TT : W6KD, I know. I’ll call you tomorrow on 555 tomorrow. We need to get caught up. Joe KK9TT

W6KD: @kk9tt--OK bueno

WA9MNF Ed: I plan to run a hotspot on DStar, dmr and Fusion. I ordered dummy loads for each one. Since I'd probably be in the house most of the time I thought that might work. Any comments one way or the other? Thanks...Ed

W6KD: I've tried using a dummy load as a low-power antenna with a hotspot, and did not have much luck with it. I use Diamond SRHF10 rubber ducks on my dvMega hotspots and those work well, as well as the rigid stubby antennas included with the DVAPs

N4DFW: Which Heil mic is the best for use with Icom dstar radios.

WA9MNF Ed: Ok. Thanks, Bob and I use the stubby antennas also. I'll keep the dvmegas sufficiently separated and give that a try and use 90 degree shift to see how that works..Thanks, Mike...

W6KD: The "Hershey's Kiss" antenna I refered to is an MFJ-1722S...about $20, includes 15 ft of RG174 thin coax and an SMA connector

WA9MNF Ed: That sounds like that antenna would work for me. I'll order it and give it a try. Thanks..

W6KD: @n4dfw--that's not a simple question to answer

W6KD: I just had a flash of brilliance...I'll bet Icom could sell a whole bunch of radios with goofy features like terminal and access point mode and such if they'd just put an Apple logo on it! The ID-51X is born!! :-P

N6HKH: :)8-)

K6KD: Would have to be an iD-51X - note the small i - can see the lines forming around HRO the night before they go on sale

K6KD: Another dual band DMR radio forums.qrz.com/index.php?threads/the-first-look-of-ailunce-hd1.587433/

K6KD: "Ailunce HD1 is the first radio we R&D mainly for hams" blog.retevis.com/ailunce-hd1-for-hams/

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