DRT 133 - 20171102

Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 7:00pm PDT weekly.

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K6KD: Can you connect to the Constellation XRF reflectors using all 26 modules? In Current Discussions please answer a poll question in the thread D-STAR XRF Reflector module connection question. Need to login to answer.


k6jm: Heads Up - Europe goes back to Standard time at 2am Sunday Oct 29. Those places in the US on Daylight revert to Standard on Nov 5. So for a week, if doing a sched with a ham in the UK, the time diff is 7 hours, not 8; Central European is 8, not 9 hours.


k6jm: The above refers to Pacific time, sorry. Just subtract 1 hour from the standard time difference based on where you are....


KK6MYS: DV2Home v2 an updated version of DV4Home. www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCcdUhc_iQw


ke0lmx: This is interesting: blog.icomamerica.com/2017/10/30/is-your-digital-repeater-ham-friendly/


KK6MYS: if this does not belong delete it. MTC (Main Trading Company ) has a promotion www.mtcradio.com/if-it-snows-its-free/ Buy anything at the local store between nov2 - Dec8 and if they get more then 1inch of snow on Christmas day it is free.


N6HKH: A new approach to an MMDVM (D-STAR & DMR) repeater using Kenwood TKR-850 in VK4JLM's blog: www.vk4jlm.com/index.php/projects/kenwood-tkr-850-multimode-repeater/


KG5SLG: www.eham.net/articles/39869


KG5SLG: THis was my club president in regards to ham radio


KG5SLG: I have a coordinated DMR Repeater in Rio Rancho


k6jm: Just read the MMDVM/Kenwood TKR-850 article. Terrific more people are standing up MultiMode repeaters. Technically seems basically the same as K6PUW, but using a Kenwood repeater. Glad he documented how he did it. Maybe more MMDVM repeaters will be heard!


k6jm: D-Star Control: 1)Don't need to be registered except for REF reflectors; 2)We have thrashed registration B4 and agreed to disagree. As a GW Admin, I have blocked a non-ham from registering & got him to get licensed. 3)DMR-MARC, OTOH, is very controlling.


k6jm: Thanks for posting the eham article. Jerry K6LIE has every right to express concern, but I agree with Net comments tonight that Hams will usually find a way to get around the commercial silliness & evolve the technology to being "ham friendly".


N6HKH: Broadcastify feed is still down. The feed is up but no audio.


k6jm: US Trust booted Scott because the then D-Star community demanded more stability after he crashed the D-Star network big time. US Trust brought that reliability. Is that needed now? I really don't think so. So we end up being in agreement....


k6jm: Regarding D-Star cubestat and recommendations from N5WD. I like the TS-2000 idea, having used it on D-Star already. My concern is D-Star is far more picky about being exactly on frequency. I am guessing a computer controlled VFO is the way to go.


n5wd: Mike -I'd be happy to help out with a satellite topic.


n5wd: n5wd -> k6jm: there is a software program that tracked the doppler offsets needed for satellites. If you're interested, I'll try to dig out my copy and see who it was that wrote it (it was a W6 - I remember that much) and


n5wd: n5wd -> k6jm : it operated u,sing the DDE outputs from a tracking program. I used it with the NorthStar windows tracking program... don't remember the name of the program right now... it's been years since I've used it. But, I think I know where the disk


n5wd: is.


k6jm: We saw the Anytone radios at the Connect Systems booth at Pacificon last weekend. (Mike, you are right, name reminds me of NuTone intercoms. Anytone name is unfortunate because it sounds cheap -- for US market, I'd have picked another brand name.)


k6jm: n5wd-- thanks. Sounds interesting. Might get me back into playing with this stuff. So many good things to do, so little time....


k6jm: Opps -- misunderstood the question about knowing what mode a transmission originated from in the world of transcoding. Thanks John for setting that straight.


k6jm: Mike - agree on long trips, mobile hotspots are better. With just a radio, though, and you stop in an area with a D-Star repeater, DR mode with GPS very quickly will get you on the right frequency and on that repeater. But driving, hotspots are better.

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