DRT 132 - 20171026

Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 7:00pm PDT weekly.

You can find the shout box show notes on D-STAR Round Table Board

Shoutbox History

 KE0AYJ: Got back last friday night.

K6KD: Can you connect to the Constellation XRF reflectors using all 26 modules? In Current Discussions please answer a poll question in the thread D-STAR XRF Reflector module connection question. Need to login to answer.

W6KD: Pacificon slides at www.k6jm.com/dv 

W6KD: k6jm--your last tx wasn't a hotspot problem, another station doubled on top of you

k6jm: OK, thanks John. I guess that will always happen from time to time.

k6jm: John - now that BlueDV is available, it appears WinDV users are beginning to migrate to BlueDV. It supports not only DVMega on a BlueStack, but also a ThumbDV from NW Digital. Note BlueDV can access all 26 modules on an XRF reflector.

k6jm: Last June I posted a brief blog article about the DVMega with Bluestack using BlueDV. www.k6jm.com/wp/multi-mode-dvmega-access-point/ - Great graphical interface, and as Bob W6KD points out, MultiMode.

k6jm: Mike - I don't think of lower power access points as being in competition with higher-powered garage repeaters or mountaintop repeaters, they just fulfill different needs. Repeaters still reach a lot of hams, whether in their shacks or mobile.

W6KD: BlueDV website www.pa7lim.nl/bluedv/

g0nmy: Enjoying the roundtable guys. As for Callsign Ident, saying your callsign on digital radio only identifies you to other digital users. However if your digital transmissions are causing interference to other analogue RF users. There is no ID.

k6jm: Regarding non-Ham DV modes like DMR and P25, another impetus comes from people who uses these modes at work and want to use them also in Ham Radio. I think early DMR growth came from Moto techs. Same now for P25. MultiMode allows them to have reflectors

g0nmy: Hence the need for a Morse ID or analogue voice ID.

k6jm: Part 97 allows RTTY and other digital modes to id without cw or analog, as long as the digital emission type is public. That is true of D-Star, since callsign is in the header and not encrypted by AMBE.

g0nmy: And dont forget the truckers net on Tuesday

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