Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 7:00pm PDT weekly.

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K6KD: The term 4K was chosen to differentiate the technology used here from other approaches. Some other approaches are only effective and acceptable with more limited bandwidth streams. 4K denotes the effectiveness over the entire bandwidth of D-STAR ...


K6KD: and per-slot DMR which is 4.8 kHz, including protocol overhead.


N9KO: OK, I made a few contacts on xlx313. Where can I find a list of other XLX reflectors that allow cross-mode is the same way?


wb5eku: Southern California UHF Band plan pdf


w6oso: I thank Don for the graphic UHF Band Plan for Southern California... When using a DVAP or a DV Mega Board or similar product, where in the band plan should I be looking at for simplex digital frequencies for my hot spot? Thanks.


Don WB5EKU: Mike et all; when looking at the graphic pdf .. The frequencies that sah Digital (431,000 to 431.60 and the 438.94 through 439.08 MHz with sub channels indicated.


Don WB5EKU: Bill do you want my address to send the tablet to? :-)


n7tae: The QuadNet team is recruiting a webmaster for its website, that runs on a Debian server. Send an email to if you are interested. Get involved with a great team!


w4wwm: local crossban repeater is also built in the rprt - g2_ircddb. N7TAE can confirm


w4wwm: Also the ICOM 2730 which is dual ban analog that can be placed in cross ban mode one can use just like the 2820 for D-Star. The key part of this the 2730 is a lot cheaper.


Jess ND1L: Where can I find a current XRF hosts file?


W6KD: XLX313 host url is


n9rfp: Is there an "authoritative" source for automated host file updates ala-DNS? I've found several sources of host files with different entries. Thanks


W6KD: n9rfp -- no, there isn't


nd1l: Thanks Bob for the 313 reference. Adding it to my DCS Hosts file.


KE0AYJ: Ok. Now I see why it was clear as mud when I was attempting to understand it on my own. I had it bassackwards!


KE0AYJ: DMR Plus2!!?


n5vrp: Does the Transcoder pass on the Ham Callsign


n5vrp: Between modes that is.


K6KD: N5VRP - yes - callsigns are passed from DMR to D-STAR

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