Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 7:00pm PDT weekly.

You can find the shout box show notes on D-STAR Round Table Board

Shoutbox History

 w4wwm: vk4tux, Thanks Adrian, The HB community helped ICOM sales quite a bit. Anyway, I've now decide not to buy the 4100 and maybe buy another DMR radio.

K6KD: Good article on how network performance metrics are observed and analyzed - concepts we often discuss related to digital modes 

K6KD: Also, the variation in latency, sometimes called jitter, is a major factor leading to poor reception. Impacted by internet path to a station and ability of the station software to buffer/smooth out jitter - why stations hear same transmission differently.

N9KO: FYI, The developers of the DvMega (Guus) and Bluestack (Ruud) will be on the Arkansas DMR net on 9/13/2017. Catch it on BM TG3105 at 8pm Central time this Thursday night (0100z Friday).

KB2FJD: Do you have XLX DMR setup for Shark RF openspot

K6KD: KB2FJD In the Open DMR ... folder above is a thread Connecting from openSPOT

KB2FJD: K6KD I tried the OpenSpot config with no success, Does the second half of that config procedure refer to how you should be configuring your radio or does that also need to be entered on the OpenSpot, I am not understanding this config procedure.

K6KD: KB2FJD Procedure pertains only to Connector. Also info for radio programming. Assumes Modem and radio set up

wb5eku: HamCon 2017 URL:


K6KD: For Pi Star go to Facebook Pi-Star Users Support Group. You will get concise answers from experienced users, including the developer. 

K6KD: Reminder in Current Discussions - a paper Paper describing XLX, XRF, and use of DMRGateway. This paper has also been posted and discussed extensively in the aforementioned Facebook group.

K6KD: N1DOT ambed does not normally run as a daemon because of issues the FTDI D2XX drivers

K6KD: I think putting call sign out and letting net control call on you will minimize collisions

K6KD: Audio does come through with 888888 on XLX313

K6KD: That feature is not in general distribution but the developers have it and have advised us they intend to include in the distribution

K6KD: If Bob W6CJX not seeing Shoutbox, let him know about 4K-Transcoding. I think he is a new DMR user and might enjoy and possibly mention on his net

VE7LEE: Mike: Please excuse VE7KH for his key up. He is very excited tonight since it is his 60 birthday.

N6HKH: VE7LEE: No problem. Happy BD, AL!


n7tae: BTW the g2 client W4WWM was taking about is my repository discussed earlier this net. Also I am a programmer on the quadnet team.

K6KD: In my opinion the major advantage of DMR is affordability. I think the time slots and reflector linking are much less of a factor. By comparison, the D-STAR linking facilities are extensive.

K6KD: W4WWM - 4K-Transcoding working fine. Listening to both modes.

n7tae: I have a very small responsibility in QuadNet: the QuadNet Bot.

VE7LEE: good night!

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