DRT 115 - 20170629

Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 8:00pm PDT weekly.

You can find the shout box show notes on D-STAR Round Table Board

Shoutbox History

 KE0AYJ: 0-0 middle of the 1st

N6HKH: Thank you.

KE0AYJ: 0-0 top of the 2nd

VE7LEE: va7ref is having problems staying connected to xrf002a

N6HKH: Ted - Are you able to comment if I call on you?

KE0AYJ: 1-0 dodgers

K6KD: Can VA7REF connect to 310 or 555?

KE0AYJ: top of the 4th 1-0 dodgers

W6KD: VE7LEE...looks like the dropouts with VA7REF are generic timeouts...looks like an internet connection issue.

KE0AYJ: is VA7REF using a dongle or what?

VE7LEE: rebooted router, repeater now working so far. now listening

KE0AYJ: Give me a break....

wb5eku: For DV4MINI users (all versions) the Xreflector host fine can be found on your Windows computer in: Program Files (x86)/DV4mini folder. File name is xref.ip Be aware you will need administrator privilege to save the file.

KE0AYJ: did that from Kauai on hf. remote shack

VE7LEE: va7ref is using freestar software and a DVAP

W6KD: @andy...still flying /KH6 in your msg field

N6HKH: Great, Ted. Thx for update.

VE7LEE: rebooted everything, both cable modem, router, and raspi with dvap. now working.

VE7LEE: talking about same problem I had on the net now.

KE0AYJ: w6kd thanks. fixed it


VK2DY: Which reflector?

VK2DY: No Thursday net?

KE0AYJ: xrf002a

VK2DY: Can't connect to XRF002A

KE0AYJ: xls212a

KE0AYJ: sorry xlx212a

K6KD: VK2DY: Can you connect to XRF310A or XRF555A or XLX212A?


VK2DY: Thank you.

VK2DY: DV4Mini

KE0AYJ: Ahhh!


VK2DY: But found that XREF by googling XLX212A

KE0AYJ: Most new trancievers dont really turn off. They go "dark" and are in a Stand-by mode 

VE5XEF: I have owned a DV4MINI for close to two years, and have tried most of the individual control panels. During that time I have NOT seen any updates to the XREF.IP file, which is loaded with mistakes. My DV4Mini is the European version.

VE5XEF: I have manually edited the XREF.IP file to correct most errors

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