DRT 113 - 20170615

Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 8:00pm PDT weekly.

You can find the shout box show notes on D-STAR Round Table Board

Shoutbox History

 N9KO: Codeplugs are too personalized for a group effort. Examples of proper formats for simplex hotspots and duplex repeaters would be good for newer operators.

N9KO: Maybe a forum section in which anyone could post their codeplugs, such as Chicago area DStar and DMR codeplugs. These could be downloaded and canabalized by the new user. I think we all have done some of this when we got started.

KE0AYJ: The thing I find most angering is repeater listings that are not updated or havent been for sometime. I am wondering if the DStar systems are also having this problem. I know if a gateway is used it is most likely is correct.

wb5eku: PiStar URL: www.mw0mwz.co.uk/pi-star/ 

k6fed: thanks wb5eku for putting up the link to pi-star

k6jm: The new MMDVM board called: MMDVM-STM32 www.repeater-builder.com/products/stm32-dvm.html 

k6fed: Here's a link to the YouTube video for pi-star. m.youtube.com/watch?v=qKsmR9sJXHU 

k6jm: Comment -- to launch my blog last year, I wrote a post about my definitions of Hotspot and Access Point. www.k6jm.com/wp/hotspots-vs-access-points/

k6jm: New ICOM repeaters come with G3. The Trust Server Team cannot support both G2 and G3 forever, so at Dayton, they suggested G2 users should update to G3 by the end of June. Not sure how official that is.

k6jm: To back up John K6KD's comments, Robin told me at Dayton he was in negotiations with ICOM to add DPlus linking to the new ICOM radios that currently only support Callsign Routing. No date, may never happen, but interesting....

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