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Shoutbox History

 W6KD: Beware...Icom apparently learned nothing from the ID-5100 experience...the ID-4100 is being sold without a bracket for the control head, and also without a bracket for the R/T unit. The $40 more expensive deluxe version gets you the control head bracket.

KE0AYJ: ICOM must have sold enough of them to warrant the continued practice. The dealers I buy from already know I wont buy the radio unless the mount is included. Works every time!

KM6JEE: appreciate all of the suggestions, DVAP is now solid, settings are good. The dropouts in audio were a result of the radio's weather alert being turned on in the digital mode.

k6jm: Dayton - (Thanks for correcting my mistake about the time for the Fri D-Star Forum)

k6jm: Dayton D-Star info - see

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