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KM6JEE: : Trying to configure a 2m DVAP with a MAC, radio set to simplex 146.550 on an ICOM51A Plus. When I key up DVAP Tool seems to be working, but how to I get the signal out? What am I missing?


K6KD: KM6JEE: Difficult to address your issue without some Q and A. I think you can get on the K6PUW repeater which carries this net, so would probably be better if you ask live.


w6oso: Km6jee: I suspect your programming the radio via a software either RT Systems or the ICOM software. Within the programming software you must select Dv mode, simplex, wotj


w6oso: KM6JEE:With the frequency, and 0.00 offset. This should set the radio.


KM6JEE: I used RT Systems and now have the DVAP working. I've noticed when using the DVAP that the receive audio is a bit choppy. I've tried moving it away from misc electronic gear to see if that corrects some audio issues but haven't noticed much change.


KM6JEE: I've also used my local repeater to see if the audio issues are the same, though better on the repeater there still is some choppy signal. Is this just typical of DSTAR?


KM6JEE: Would using a dvmega/raspberry pi3 with an Icom 51A Plus enable access to XRF/XLX Reflectors? Can a 51A Plus with just a DVAP access XRF/XLX Relectors?


K6KD: KM6JEE: A choppy signal is not typical of D-STAR. Don't know about repeater issue. Maybe you are not in a good location. The Hot Spot if using WiFi could be getting interference. Also possible your simplex frequency between radio and hot spot has some


K6KD: interference. Maybe try listening to frequency on analog to see if some other signals interfering. XRF/XLX reflectors can be accessed with 51A Plus with: DVMega/RPi or DVAP/RPi. Suggest D-STAR Commander


K6KD: With Windows computer and only DVAP you need program such as Win DV. Software that comes with DVAP will not work with XRF/XLX.


KE0AYJ: Well, I have measured 9.23 inches of rain in the past 7 days. Lets not talk WX tonight if you dont mind!


k6jm: For XRF linking, on Windows, WinDV is easiest to configure. Be sure to choose Free*Star as Callsign Server. Other Windows options: ConDV (line by line, not GUI) and of course, G4KLX. There are people here who can help configure that.


W6KD: @km6jee--sounds like your radio and/or hotspot could be slightly off-freq from each other. There's a program called dvaputil available at that helps get a DVAP and radio lined up together.


AA0RX: KM6JEE All digital modes have chopping issues, (r2d2), at times for numerous reasons. Generally multipath, or bandwidth are the cause.




N9KO: The location of the Friday night DStar meeting is:


N9KO: Friday, May 19, 6:30-8:30 PM – D-STAR Friday Evening Gathering


Drury Inn Ballroom

6616 Miller Lane

Dayton OH


KM6JEE : thanks for all the replies. (r2d2) is never the issues, its always dropouts on my receiver's signal in. i've been told my signal going out is strong. We've tested the internet speed and that doesn't seem to be the issue.


KM6JEE : I'll try programming another simplex frequency to the DVAP


N9KO: Url for 2016 videos of the morning sessions, that will not be held in 2017....


k6jm: Speaking of magic devices previewed at Dayton, I bought one for $250 in 2014. Never was delivered, so last year they refunded my money which helped pay for my FT2D.... Kharma in action....


W6KD: couldda bought a pair of MD-380s if you'dda waited! ;-)

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