Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 8:00pm PDT weekly.

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Shoutbox History

KE0AYJ: Tethering apps are RS-MS1A for Android and RS-MS3W for Windows. Available for download at


K0OQL: Does the RT System software USB RTS05 work in place of the OPC 2350LU ? Does anyone send pictures via d-star (and where?)


K6KD: K0OQL: Can't say what will work with Icom software besides the Icom cable. Think the answer is generally no. But even within RT software, there are different cables that work with different software (for different radios).


KE0AYJ: I have had no luck with the 2350LU. RT cable works every time!


KE0AYJ: Anyone ever corrupted the image by keying up on HF with in 5ft of the RaspBerry Pi3?


W6KD:, but if I were operating HF here, I'd get my RasPis into metal enclosures, as there is literally no RF shielding with a Pi in the usual plastic case.


KE0AYJ: 10 and 6 meter DStar efforts?


KE0AYJ: Ok Bob. I did it last night! Lesson learned.


KE0AYJ: OnStar is fully owned by AT&T and has been for some time.


KE0AYJ: Get a cell booster. About $300 to $400. More than triples my coverage areas while traveling. Less drop connections with the hotspot.


Guest: cell booster brand?


KM6JEE: : Trying to configure a 2m DVAP with a MAC, radio set to simplex 146.550 on an ICOM51A Plus. When I key up DVAP Tool seems to be working, but how to I get the signal out? What am I missing?


K6KD: KM6JEE: Difficult to address your issue without some Q and A. I think you can get on the K6PUW repeater which carries this net, so would probably be better if you ask live.


w6oso: Km6jee: I suspect your programming the radio via a software either RT Systems or the ICOM software. Within the programming software you must select Dv mode, simplex, wotj


w6oso: KM6JEE:With the frequency, and 0.00 offset. This should set the radio.

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