Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 8:00pm PDT weekly.

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Shoutbox History

 k6jm: During the April 6 2017 Round Table, a user asked how to update WinDV host files. I just posted some info under thread "WinDV Host Files updates". I put this in Current Discussions, and it may eventually move to General Round Table Discussion.

w6oso: I have been trying to install Win DV on a Windows 10 machine with little success and a lot of frustration. What I found is the Win DV installed and work great on a Windows 7 machine that I switched to.

w6oso: Thinking about my Windows 10 machine I went to the trouble shooter option just below the open file option. The trouble shhoter rolled Windows 10 back to windows 8. No luck. I rolled Windows 10 to windows 7. Success. The Win DV software work great!!

w6oso: Best deduction I can come up with is Win DV does not play well with Windows 10. Windows 10 must be rolled back to windows 7 in order to make Win DV work.

K0DPW - Daris: Good open source (free) file compare utility for comparing ANY two files, such as host files

K0DPW - Daris:

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