Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 8:00pm PDT weekly.

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N6HKH: Excellant resource document about the cause and prevention of audio ground loops (hum elimination):


k6jm: Mike mentioned users may want to ask their local repeater owners to link to XRF002A Thursdays 7pm Pacific, and ICOM repeaters could use G4KLX ircDDBGateway or G2_Link. He also mentioned G3_Link. I did not know that was available yet. Anyone with details?


DPWiebe: Monitoring net via broadcastify - using ThumbDV & WinDV which connects and works for other reflectors and repeater gateways, but can not connect to XRF002A, XRF310A, XRF555A "timed out" "failed" "refused" depending on protocol


N6HKH: TO K6JM: Re "G3_Link" - you caught me. I should not have mentioned it as I have not seen it released, yet. Rumors are that somebody is working on the G3 equiv of G2_Link.


KD4IBD: I agree w/ AA0RX the JBL LSR305 Studio Monitors are EXCELLENT and I highly recommend them! Bob Heil recommends the JBL Control 2P Powered Reference Monitors which are a step down from the LSR305's.


KD4IBD: JBL Control 2P Powered Reference Monitors recommended by Bob Heil


KD4IBD: JBL LSR305 Studio Monitors


KE0AYJ: Late in 2015, I got to assist in the re-wire of a sound studio in Seymour Indiana. Ground loops everywhere. The guy liked old amps and bad cabling. It's all up to snuff now. The guy: John Mellencamp.


W6KD: @dpwiebe--in the gateway page for the reflectors, select DExtra as protocol, and tick the "Connect as gateway else as dongle" box


W6KD: Unlike all other XRFs, port forwarding is not needed on XRF002/310/555 with WinDV in DExtra mode


DPWiebe: Thanks W6KD, tried that already, still no worky


W6KD: @dpwiebe--might want to check your host file. XRF002 should be


DPWiebe: also tried that, no work, will try again


W6KD: @dpwiebe--what is your call sign?


DPWiebe: get disconnected link request refused


DPWiebe: K0DPW


W6KD: k0dpw--which reflector are you trying to connect to?


DPWiebe: right now XRF002A refusing link request


W6KD: k0dpw--Is it possible you have your call sign entered with an "O" rather than a zero? I don't see any refused attempts to connect in the reflector logs tonight.


Guest: Change the server in WinDV and click "Connect as gateway"


k6jm: CCS7 - Only supporting software I am aware of is G4KLX ircDDBGateway. I use CCS704. DV4mini does not support CCS7 (I think used to support old version CCS4). Neat feature: ircDDBGateway unlinks on incoming CCS7 call so others need not hear, relinks at end.


w6oso: W6KD, I had Dutch D Star down loaded and working 6 weeks ago. Last night I tried to use the program. For some reason the program would not connect. Further investigation the REF files were gone, the XRF files were incomplete.


k6jm: W6OSO - WinDV - Be sure on Program Options to set Callsign Server to Free*Star VE3TNK. That is more reliable than the DUTCH*Star server.


w6oso: W6KD Resort Dutch December Star, I reloaded the Dutch December Star, and found in the re-install the REF files were missing, the XRF files were incomplete. Don't know if this is an error on Dutch December Star or in the download. Any thoughts??


k6jm: W6OSO - host files from WinDV install are out of date. Most of us grab host files for G4KLX ircDDBGateway and rename them for WinDV.


w6oso: Thanks for the feed back.


Guest: k6jm: Do you have web address for host files to cut and paste?


k6jm: Will post that here later, sorry, have to leave the shack. Others on the net may have that info in front of them.


DPWiebe: W6OSO - when I installed WinDV the REFs were missing too - checking dphosts.txt file had them all commented out with # in front of everyone - I uncommented them all by removing # and them REFs showed up in gateway list drop down box


kd7yxe: you have the blueDV for the dvmega for the guy on the go.


K6KD: To use with openSPOT: IOGEAR Ethernet-2-WiFi Universal Wireless Adapter, GWU637


kd7yxe: it dose not use the pi.


kd7yxe: your phone or tablet work the same as the pi so this means it replaces it.


DPWiebe: Currently connected to XRF033C with ThumDV & WinDV working hunky dory - K0DPW


W6KD: To uninstall WinDV, first uninstall from Windows with Control Panel -> Programs and Features, then remove this hive from the registry with Regedit: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicroWalt Corporation


W6KD: But word of warning...if you don't know what you're doing in the registry editor, SEEK HELP! You can bork your entire Windows install if you do it wrong.


K6KD: Per N6HKH - if need to uninstall WinDV from Program Files folders:

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