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kf0tw: Mike, Where should I post a comment on a podcast from Dec 15, 2016? Gary, KF0TW


K6KD: kf0tw: My suggestion, if a quick comment then the Shoutbox is fine, but if longer and might lead to discussion, start a thread in Current Discussions. In that case, you could also in the Shoutbox point to the discussion.


kk4ib: How does one use a DSTAR radio (ID-51 ...) for sending text direct to another such DSTAR radio? I'm planning to use a laptop in dumb terminal mode, Think: shelter to hospital.


kk4ib: How do I post to the forum, not in the shout box? I could not find a link.


kf0tw: Thanks Mike. Answering KK4IB. I've used Drats software with RT Systems (orange) cable only, not dumb terminal mode. Works great, once you get settings on the radio and the software figured out.


N6HKH: KK4IB: You must register as a forum member using your callsign to start a thread (topic) or post a reply within the boards. This Shoutbox is the exception. Registration is quick and easy but necessary to avoid spam and bogus postings.


N6HKH: I will ask your question tonight during the net. It's a good one.


kb7csw: Mike I got my Pi Zero W running with my DVAP, works with no issues.


N6HKH: Cool. We'll talk about RPi Zero W tonight.


K6KD: To get CCS7/DMR ID


KE0AYJ:, register there for a ccs7 compatible routing id.


KE0AYJ: Once the system sees what repeater / time slot you are, routing is then possible.




wb5eku: Link to CCS7 page by the authors DG1HT and DL5DI


KE0AYJ: Thanks Bob, better clean out my old bookmarks!!


KK6MYS-Ming: KK4IB use the RS-MS1A cable for the Handhelds or bluetooth with the mobile radios. Use it with an Android tablet or phone It can send pictures, text and more


kb7csw: Pi Zero kit from Pi Hut but i ordered it through Amazon.


KE0AYJ: I have all the build files for G3 and have loaded and configured it. I am not impressed. It is sitting here on a Mint 18 box. Worthless to me as I now run ircDB. No gateway here until I learn it all. Starting from scratch is a steep hill.


N6HKH: Site to update host files (DNS & IP)


N6HKH: There are many others, some of which have been posted here during past nets.


K6KD: Host file source: , , Backup ftp: replace dschost1 by dschost2.


K6KD: Another source: For XLX: courtesy Timm, OE5STM Austria

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