Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 8:00pm PDT weekly.

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W6KD: N6JET--I have blocked you from XRF002 due to recurring retransmissions of broken audio snippets (British voice) coming through the constellation from your hotspot. Plz contact me when you've got it resolved and I'll unblock you. w6kd at yahoo dotcom


k8jk: I am having a great deal of trouble installing the DV Dongle software on my Windows Surface (NOT RT) Tablet. The software installs, but the window is really small, and I cannot make it bigger? Anyone else had this issue?


K6JM-Jim: Regarding DV Dongle software, for a Windows PC, you might consider installing WinDV. It supports not only REF, but XRF and DCS reflector linking. -- you will need to set up an account to do the download.


k6jm: Just posted some thoughts about MMDVM Multi-Mode Digital Voice Modem board and software. It's located under Current Discussions, the MMDVM Repeater and K6PUW Multi-mode repeater topic.


K6KD: K6JM - added a question to the thread you posted


n5vrp: Mike would like a reply here having internet issues. Q: What is the Keepalive ms timeout setting for the Dstar Commander image(W6KD)? Where can I change it? I have dropouts only on this image. I am thinking it may be too tight a window.


K6KD: Software I mentioned - remote control of Win DV


n5vrp: Thank you Bob.


kb7csw: what is the name of that store in Denver with the Pi 0 wireless?


n5sap: hello. thank you Bob!


n5sap: Bob do you have a scheduler that an change reflectors based on any/time? (hint I do not sure how to implement yet)


W6KD: n5sap no, I am told it can be done with cron jobs and scripting, but I have never done it myself.


W6KD: kb7csw-Micro Center


k6jm: From About DCS registration: "Beginning of 2015 we saw some legal requirements which forced the admins of the DCS reflector system to introduce a basic registration for users."


k6jm: G3 mainly brings us being on a supported version of Linux, plus support for the new Terminal/AccessPoint modes. Basically it is G2 but on a supported platform. I totally agree with John K6KD the extra cost to get the new modes is not worth the money.


kb7csw: thank you


k6jm: G3 did change port usage. Robin figured out how to get DPlus to work with G3, so I assume Open Source developers like G4KLX could do the same. More likely, though, is this technical change will motivate some Admins to move off G2 to Open Source.


n5vrp: Mike, I was around since 2005. The trust server going from G1 to G2 was where the change took place as far as callsign registration. This was due to the callsign routing through the K5TIT network of gateways linking up. It is senseless because you transmit


n5vrp: your callsign every time.


n5vrp: Your correct with all other information passed tonight on the subject.


n5vrp: Without a hotspot/repeater of my own I would not be able to participate Dstar, Fusion, and digital VHF/UHF modes of operation.


K6KD: KB5RAB image


K6KD: MMDVM Raspberry Pi Image Setup:


wb5eku: Las Vegas Amateur Radio Club Ham Radio Convention March 31, April 1 and April 2 at the Eastside Cannery Hotel and Casino.

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