Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 7:00pm PDT weekly.

You can find the shout box show notes on D-STAR Round Table Board

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N9KO: Fun with Google Home .... "Hey Google Play the Dstar Roundtable podcast" ... Can Alexa do that?


N9KO: Related to a question about lowering the TX power on an ID-51. The Icom Service Manual dated March 2013 for the 51A / 51E covers this on page 5-6 Section 5-3 Transmit Adjustment. This is a bit above my pay grade. Use at your own risk.


ke0lmx: Announcement from Bruce on Facebook: Zumspot production will cease, effective immediately.


k6jm: To KE0LMX - thanks for finding the ZUMspot news so fast. Very sad. Until we learn more, there is not much to say, though. As Bob pointed out a couple weeks ago on the DS RT net, there are good alternatives (e.g. DVMEGA). But, ZUMspot was good.


k6jm: Owners of the Star*DV AMBE 3000 dongle can use it with BlueDV for Windows (multi-mode). I've posted more info in the General Discussions area -


w5pfr: Still Having problem with dropouts on the DR1X and UDRC2 board running dstarrepeater software and sending Gateway from my qth to the repeater, using dstarrepeater software in GATEWAY mode configuration.Current DC Offset problem in the logs


k6jm: Jim KI6ZUM's slides of his presentation at Pacificon 10/21/2017 are available at His slides start at slide #9 -- Should give some info about new boards we hope to see in the future.


n5wd: Sorry to have to keep kerchunking my local KE5YAP repeater to avoid the one-hour " keep alive" timeout. Our club repeater admin says he's ameniable to creating a chron job or a fix to defeat the no-traffic timer if this will be a regular net for the repeat


N6HKH: N5WD: No problem

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