DRT 151 - 20180308

Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 7:00pm PDT weekly.

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ke0lmx: Post about ZUMSpot: d-star-roundtable.boards.net/thread/330/zumspot


kd6ajg: good afternoon. I am trying to set up my radio for DMR. What are the settings for the k6puw repeater for dmr? Colol code, time slot etc. Thanks


wb5eku: Hi Tony, good to hear from you. K6PUW is 447.200 -5MHz. Color Code 1 Time slot 2. The website is www.k6puw.com


wb5eku: Let me know if you need anymore info. 73 Don


KD4IBD.: One thing I didn't hear on the Round Table about using older versions of Robin (AA4RC)'s software for the Blue DV Dongle to get to the X-Reflectors was, Can you access ALL of the modules on the X-Reflectors or just A-D? Can you go to XRF002Z? I think not.?


KD4IBD.: Maybe Bill KC8YQL could answer since he uses the older versions regularly with his DV Dongle. Thanks! Jon


N6HKH: Best app for DVDongle on Windows machines is WinDV, not DVTool. Download at www.dutch-star.eu/products/windv/


kl4py: Hi. First time here. I will be listening this evening from Alaska. Using a Nanospot and D74. New to the digital side. I am at work so I can not talk much. 


N1PEB: A couple of links to 3D files for printing a case for the ZUMspot www.thingiverse.com/thing:2801025 www.thingiverse.com/thing:2766908


N1PEB: 3D printer used for my case was a Creality CR-10


W6KD: @kd8ujs--I have muted you on the Constellation due to apparent automatic beaconing during and prior to the net. Please let me know here when you have that turned off and I'll remove the block.


k6fed: github.com/phl0/MMDVM_HS_Dual_Hat


N1PEB: twitter.com/flo_0_/status/969584396872318976/photo/1 I believe they are still testing it, there is some concern about them releasing it and having it copied like the MMDVM_HS_Pi and ZUMspot board.


N1PEB: Here is an interesting Tweet from Jonathan Naylor:



Jonathan Naylor #FBPE



I left the #FaceBook group “MMDVM ZUMSpot and MMDVM-Pi including JumboSpot” because it supports illegal MMDVM_HS clones, and many of the people on it are aggressively stupid. Please do the same if you’re subscribed. #mmdvm

11:35 PM - Mar 5, 2018

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wb5eku: Very interesting Tweet, and they pull no punches, but lots of truths.


k6jm: Not sure about the word "illegal" -- the ZUMspot design is openly published under a Creative Commons license with the NC or Non Commercial provision. People are free to use the design to make their own boards, but may not make money from them.


wb5eku: www.youtube.com/watch?v=rg9NS0UD4I8 the MMDVM_HS_Dual_Hat video and a prototype running.


wb5eku: It is in German but at least you can get some indication of how it works


N6HKH: Here is what W6KD is talking about re ARRL proposed new Technician privileges www.arrl.org/news/arrl-requests-expanded-hf-privileges-for-technician-licensees

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