DRT 145 - 20180125

Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table. Join us on reflector XRF002A, XRF310A and XRF555A 7:00pm PDT weekly.

You can find the shout box show notes on D-STAR Round Table Board

Shoutbox History

 ke0lmx: XLX to BrandMeister interlink - news.brandmeister.network/xlxd-2-2-1-interlink-now-supported-on-brandmeister-master-servers/

K6KD: ke0lmx We are aware of this. It removes the major problem we discussed. Our approach is to test for stability and quality on back-up servers before migrating to the main constellation.

ke0lmx: My apologies regarding the redundant XLX/BrandMeister interlink link. I'm a week behind :) 

VE7LEE: I purchase an electric car, Fiat 500e and it does not cause RFI to a FT1D or Icom IC80 radio on FM or digital.

VE7LEE: All cars that I tested did not cause radio interference on VHF or UHF. I did not test out HF.

VE7LEE: heard you Mike. Now listening with 2 ears.

k6jm: Mike - I think a thread about RF QRM issues in electric vehicles would be valuable.

VE7LEE: my browser crash, but I am back.

k6jm: Also, when we did a test drive of the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid, I did not bring along radios to check. Before I buy, I will bring along the old standby -- an am portable tuned between stations, plus my battery-operated FT817ND tuned to 40 meters SSB.

k6jm: Don - interesting your BlueDV-AMBE on a ship at sea getting internet from satellites was often able to get to your ThumbDV on the AMBE-server in Los Angeles, then back go your tablet compressed, then out to XRF002A.

N6HKH: KJ6M - will add the electric car RF QRM thread after net concludes.

VE7LEE: Next April 2018, I will be at sea again in the Indian Ocean. Will bring my DV Dongle and my FT1D for aprs.

VE7LEE: Back in time for Dayton 2018.

VE7LEE: On RCL line no ham equipment allowed!

N6HKH: VE7LEE - I was kidding about your itinerary. Sounds like a fun and interesting cruise. Have a good time!

VE7LEE: I used to a Maritime radio operator, and Interpol has my fingerprints and FBI on file. So I have been given private tour of command centre.

VE7LEE: Plus military radio serving in the Middle East 40 years ago.

VE7LEE: I also went to school in Isreal and trained by US Army. So that's why my ID is with the police.

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